Industria by Coblonal Arquitectura

Designed in 2017 by Coblonal Arquitectura, Industria project is an industrial apartment located in Barcelona, Spain.

Modern living room with sleek furniture and a mounted TV.
Contemporary living space with sleek kitchen, fireplace, and tan sectional sofa.
Modern kitchen interior with black cabinets and LED strip lighting.
Sleek interior with indirect lighting, minimalist furniture, and a person walking by
Modern hallway with a blurred person walking through.
Contemporary bedroom with neutral tones and pendant lighting.
Modern walk-in closet with clothes and blurred person in the background.
Elegant bathroom with neutral tones and dual vanity sinks.
Contemporary room with white Eames chair and indoor plants.

About Industria

Industrial Elegance in Barcelona

Stepping into Industria, a Coblonal Arquitectura masterpiece, one encounters a seamless blend of the raw and the refined. Designed in 2017, this Barcelona apartment embodies industrial sophistication. The entrance sets a moody tone with its muted palette, leading to a living space where functionality meets art.

A Living Room That Breathes Style

The living room, a study in contrasts, features a plush leather couch that invites relaxation against the stark elegance of the dark walls. Strategically placed lighting highlights the room’s high ceilings and the kitchen’s stainless steel countertops, marrying utility with high design.

Moving through the apartment, each room articulates the industrial aesthetic. The dining area, minimal yet warm, boasts clean lines and sleek surfaces, illuminated by chic, understated pendant lights. Coblonal Arquitectura’s careful attention to detail is evident in every element.

Intimate Spaces with a Modern Edge

The bedroom, an intimate retreat, showcases a soft, neutral palette, with textures adding depth and warmth. The bedding’s luxurious folds contrast with the geometric headboard, creating a space that’s both inviting and on-trend.

The bathroom continues the theme with its minimalist fixtures and subtle lighting, creating a serene space that feels both modern and timeless. In Industria, every corner is a statement of understated luxury and innovative design.

Photography by Adrian Pedrazas

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- by Matt Watts