B Apartment by Maya Sheinberger

Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, B Apartment is a modern home designed in 2018 by Maya Sheinberger.

Contemporary living room with city view and minimalist decor.
High-rise living room with floor-to-ceiling windows and ocean view.
Modern kitchen with white walls, black cabinetry, and a dining area overlooking the
Sleek kitchen with herringbone floor and city view.
Contemporary dining space with ocean view and minimalist decor.
Sleek white kitchen with ocean view, herringbone floor, and pendant
Sleek interior with minimalist desk, decor, and nature view windows.
Contemporary children's bedroom with bunk bed and city view.
Contemporary white bunk bed in a child's room with city view.
Modern bedroom with large window and city view
Minimalist bathroom with wooden vanity and hanging plant.
Minimalist bathroom with white walls and gray floor tiles

About B Apartment

Elevated Living at B Apartment

Perched in the vibrant heart of Tel Aviv, Israel, the B Apartment stands as a testament to modern design. Crafted by the adept Maya Sheinberger in 2018, this apartment merges contemporary aesthetics with functional living.

A Glimpse into Modern Sophistication

Stepping inside, the living room greets guests with its minimalist elegance. Expansive windows frame the bustling cityscape, pouring natural light across the textured fabrics and sleek furniture. Each element in the room, from the artfully placed pillows to the understated plant accents, echoes the modern real estate type of the B Apartment.

Transitioning to the kitchen, functionality meets style. The open-plan space, topped with simple pendant lighting, showcases clean lines and a monochrome palette. The kitchen island doubles as a casual dining spot, perfectly blending with the apartment’s overall modern theme.

A Personal Sanctuary

The bedroom speaks volumes of tranquility with its harmonious blend of soft textiles and a neutral color scheme. Here, comfort is king, as evidenced by the plush bedding and carefully selected furnishings, all contributing to a restful ambiance.

As for the children’s room, creativity takes center stage. Bright accents and playful decor make it a delightful space for young minds to flourish. Natural light filters through, highlighting the room’s lively character and thoughtful layout.

In the bathrooms, Sheinberger’s signature modern design continues. With geometric lines and a crisp, clean backdrop, the spaces offer both serenity and sleekness. Accents like the round mirror and wood textures bring warmth to the room, balancing the modern with the inviting.

From room to room, the B Apartment by Maya Sheinberger is more than a dwelling; it’s a showcase of modern design thoughtfully integrated with everyday living—a true jewel in Tel Aviv’s architectural crown.

Photography by Itay Benit

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- by Matt Watts