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Designed by Aworkdesign.Studio, Y House is an inspiring apartment situated in New Taipei, Taiwan.

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About Y House

Riverside Elegance: A Modern Jonghe Residence

Nestled along the picturesque Shingdian Riverside, a newly-constructed house in Jonghe emerges as a beacon of modern living. Home to a vibrant young couple and their two energetic boys, this dwelling harmonizes with its surroundings. Upon entering the Japanese-style porch, visitors are greeted by dazzling lights and expansive views through the French windows. This seamless transition from porch to living area mirrors the owners’ desire for a space that balances human touch with leisure.

Intimate Interiors: Merging Function with Style

In the dining room, denim blue back walls blend effortlessly with natural materials like wood, creating a cozy yet sophisticated ambiance. Even seated with your back to the window, the large gray mirror ensures you won’t miss the stunning outdoor views. This clever design choice enhances the room’s depth and appeal.

The residence’s open layout encompasses the living room, dining area, and kitchen island. Each space is distinctly marked, yet flows seamlessly into the next. The TV storage unit, adorned with iron shelves, complements the iron bookcase behind the sofa. This thoughtful integration of materials reduces visual heaviness and expands spatial perception. Handcrafted walnut furniture in the dining room, set against denim blue, fosters a relaxed yet lively atmosphere. The kitchen island, wrapped in wood, cleverly conceals entrances to the children’s and master bedrooms, subtly signifying private spaces. Despite its modest size, the house feels spacious and inviting, thanks to clever use of large volumes and visual layering.

Blending Indoors with Nature: A Camper’s Dream

The homeowners, avid campers, cherish their connection with nature. AworkDesign Studio has skillfully echoed this passion in the home’s design. Selecting materials and construction techniques that emphasize proportion and harmony, the studio extends the indoor space to encompass the breathtaking outdoors. This house stands as a testament to the beauty of integrating indoor living with the natural world, fulfilling the owners’ dream of a leisurely, human-centric space.

Photography courtesy of Aworkdesign.Studio

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- by Matt Watts