Courtyard Villa by Moriq

Courtyard Villa is a beautiful house designed by Moriq located in Hyderabad, India.

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About Courtyard Villa

Designing with Direction: A Vaastu-Aligned Family Home

Set on a linear plot, this north-facing home offers a single family dwelling, bordered by neighboring houses and open land.

Personalized Elegance Amidst Nature

Our clients, a well-traveled, nature-loving couple, sought a home that blends elegance with simplicity. We crafted a design to reflect their lifestyle and values, achieving a balance of luxury and minimalism.

Privacy and Light: The Courtyard Connection

The design highlights a courtyard that serves as a private entry to the living space, positioned according to Vaastu and ensuring seclusion.

The surrounding landscape mimics the area’s natural setting, featuring a grand tree at the entrance and integrating greenery from adjacent properties.

The spacious living area features a two-story ceiling and opens to the north, with courtyard flooring that combines various natural elements. Custom louvered boundaries frame this serene outdoor space.

Enter through a distinctive brass door from the courtyard to the drawing room, leading to a cozy family lounge. The ground floor also includes a dining area, kitchens, a storage space, and a bedroom with a private deck.

Upstairs, you’ll find three bedrooms, a study with balconies, and a sacred puja room.

The top floor is dedicated to leisure and wellness, hosting a gym, home theater, and a terrace with sky views.

Photography courtesy of Moriq

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- by Matt Watts