The Box Loft by Gabrielle Toledano

The Box Loft is a modular loft apartment located in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed by Gabrielle Toledano.

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About The Box Loft

Step into a world where modularity meets minimalist elegance in this Israeli couple’s bespoke Loft.

Designing for Tomorrow

The couple envisioned a space that grew with them—beginning with an expansive area that could later transform to include a children’s bedroom and, eventually, a third bedroom.

While the building rose, our canvas remained blank—an empty shell awaiting our creative touch. We relished this chance for unfettered design freedom.

A Canvas of Simplicity

A few select materials and clean lines broaden the living space, enhancing its openness. Yet, maintaining privacy was crucial. Both bedrooms face outward, commanding views of ancient trees.

The raw concrete of the floors and ceilings, alongside a living room wall, presents a stark, industrial aesthetic.

Harmony in Materials

White oak and reflective, custom-brushed stainless steel cloak ‘The Box’ and kitchen, creating a dance of light and texture.

A white lacquered bookcase weaves through the living space, offering storage and seamlessly blending the doors to adjacent areas.

‘The Box’ is the heart of functionality: it houses the children’s bathroom, storage for linen and defines the dining space with an integrated bench.

Modularity extends to the kitchen. Its rear unit opens and closes, concealing clutter and appliances as necessary. The stainless-steel floor mirrors the light, filtered through the trees, adding a vibrant, poetic touch.

Angled LED lights break the calm geometry, infusing the Loft with dynamism and movement.

Lastly, the ancient trees, framed by vast windows, become living art. They cast an ever-changing light, shaping a space that’s both serene and alive.

Photography by Amit Geron

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- by Matt Watts