Semi Detached House by Sarai Barr Nea Gibeon

This eclectic single family house located in Holon, Israel, has been recently completed by Sarai Barr Nea Gibeon.

Description by Sarai Barr Nea Gibeon

A semi-detached house near the Design Museum Holon which inspired this project. A new building in a developing neighborhood. The house has 4 floors & a garden. The program included a basement for hosting & entertainment. A living room & kitchen at the entrance floor. 4 bedrooms, a laundry room & a bathroom on the first floor & a master bedroom on the last floor. Emphasis on raw materials such as iron, rough wood, ceramic & stone was given. Each floor has its own main color: the basement was influenced by Irish pub’s vibes and so the main color is dark “Irish” green. The entrance floor was inspired by the corten rings of the Ron Arad’s Design Museum which is across the street. Every floor has its own door’s color & CNC icon that indicates the use of the room: the doors in the basement are green; the door in the guest restroom is dark marsala; the doors in the first & last floor are the same color as the walls.

As a lighting designer, the lighting got a huge emphasis. Italian manufacturers such as IGuzzini & Davide Groppi, Austrian such as XAL, Denish such as MUUTO & Belgian like Wever & Ducre. Israeli industrial designers such as COZI studio designed the pendant lamps in the kitchen and the shelves & coffee tables in the living room. The iron tile artwork in the stairway & the iron net statues in the living room walls is lightened.

Photography by Linoy & Dror Styling & photography

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- by Matt Watts

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