C Apartment by Maya Sheinberger

C Apartment located in the heart of the northern neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Israel, is an inspiring 120 sqm home designed in 2019 by Maya Sheinberger.

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About C Apartment

Discovering Tel Aviv’s Elegant Urban Retreat

Nestled in Tel Aviv’s northern district, this 120-square-meter (1,292-square-foot) apartment exudes bespoke sophistication.

Tailored Design Meets Exquisite Taste

Crafted precisely to the clients’ wishes, the apartment’s design commenced before construction. A monochromatic color palette takes center stage, flaunting 50 shades of gray. Black window frames and luminous accents punctuate a pristine white canvas. Turquoise and nude hues provide refreshing breaks from the grayscale.

The Heart of the Home: Living and Dining

Upon entering, the graphite-gray kitchen beckons. It showcases twin linear layouts, incorporating integrated appliances within tall cabinets and a grand stainless steel-topped island.

Beyond lies the spacious living room, with park vistas framed by black windows. The stone-hued sofa pairs perfectly with a vintage leather armchair and gleaming turquoise coffee tables. A large gray carpet anchors this gathering space.

Adjacent, the dining area flaunts an expansive oak table, stark black chairs, and a gray glass lighting fixture. Treasured artist-gifted artworks adorn the walls, with delicate light gray drapes softening the ambiance.

Private Spaces: Intimate and Inviting

Venturing left down the hallway, the luminous master bedroom emerges. A plush upholstered bed and greige leather dressers invite relaxation. A sleek black iron and glass door ushers you into the master bathroom, adorned with varied gray tiles.

Further down, the grandchildren’s haven delights. A versatile gray sofa bed, vibrant pink armchair, and open black shelving create a cozy yet stylish refuge. A tri-colored carpet and delicate blinds enhance the room’s charm.

Conveniently, another bathroom doubles as a guest toilet, embracing the home’s cohesive color scheme.

Balancing Utility with Luxury

For the homeowners, efficiency and ample storage were paramount. Yet, they craved warmth and modernity. This refined abode, mirroring the couple’s essence, accomplishes just that.

Photography by Itay Benit

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- by Matt Watts