See the Sea by Svoya Studio

Redesigned in 2019 by Svoya Studio, this inspiring 506 sq ft studio is situated in Odessa, Ukraine.


One-bedroom apartment in Odessa, with an area of 47m2, has been converted into a spacious studio with a bedroom.

The view point on the sea was saved by making the walls of the bedroom of glass construction. Thus, from the entrance opens the sea panorama. But at any time, this area can be isolated by textile curtain.

The bedroom is raised to the podium, in which provides storage systems, as well as communications to the island kitchen. Part of the built-in kitchen appliances is located in the storage system, which is located along the entire wall. Due to this arrangement, incorrect geometry of space is corrected. A similar situation with the storage system on the wall enclosing the bathroom. Contrasting color combinations give depth to the space. And a special character is given by an Art-object with a print from Valery and Katerina Kuznetsov.

Photography by Alexander Angelovskiy

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- by Matt Watts

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