Tips for Protecting Major Appliances During Kitchen Renovations

There are a variety of reasons for which homeowners remodel their kitchens. In some cases, remodels are facilitated by fire, water or weather damage. Other times, a kitchen’s décor has become outdated or just plain boring to look at. Whatever your reason for proceeding with a kitchen remodel, there are a number of precautions you’ll need to take with your major appliances. Given how much certain appliances can cost to repair or replace, budget-conscious homeowners should take steps to keep these devices protected throughout the renovation process.

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Invest in a Home Warranty

Major appliances represent substantial investments. In light of the high price tags found on these devices, it’s in the best interest of most homeowners to make them last for as long as possible. So, if you’re looking to get the maximum ROI on your kitchen appliances, you’d be wise to purchase a comprehensive home warranty. These warranties provide coverage for a wide range of appliances and can give you tremendous peace of mind the next time a major device finds itself in need of repair.

When an essential appliance begins exhibiting problems or suffers an unexpected breakdown, most of us are instantly filled with dread. Making a service call is bound to cost money, and replacing a major appliance on short notice is liable to leave a dent in your finances. Furthermore, depending on the age of the device and the scope of the issue, repairs may actually cost even more than outright replacement. This is where a good home warranty can truly shine. With the right warranty in your corner, “How much is this going to cost me?” will no longer have to be the first thought that crosses your mind whenever appliance issues arise. If home warranties are a new concept to you or you’re looking to replace an existing warranty, pay a visit to

Store Your Appliances in a Secure Location

If possible, major appliances should be stored in a secure location throughout the renovation process. This ensures that they’re completely out of the work crew’s way, therefore eliminating the risk of accidental damage. Fortunately, when it comes to appliance storage, your options are far from limited.

If renovations are projected to take weeks – or even months – you may want to consider renting a spacious storage unit. Since many storage facilities allow clients to pay month-to-month instead of signing long-term leases, you won’t have to worry about being roped into any contracts. If you’re not keen on the prospect of paying for storage, consider storing certain appliances in other parts of your home. For example, if you have a wide-open storage room, why not put this space to good use? Additionally, if you have any close friends or family members with ample space to spare, reaching out to them can also be a cost-effective alternative to paid storage. Keep in mind that if you go this route, you’ll have very limited room to complain if any harm comes to your appliances throughout their stay.

Securely Cover Your Appliances

If storing your appliances outside of your kitchen throughout the duration of the remodel isn’t an option, you’ll need to securely cover them in advance of the work crew’s arrival. Covering appliances in a durable protective film is a great way to prevent them from becoming dirty or incurring damage while the work is being completed.

Furthermore, before the contractors begin work, check with them to confirm that the appliances are sufficiently protected. If they foresee any issues or think that certain appliances will get in their way, now is the time for them to bring this to your attention. Nipping potential problems in the bud early on will prevent them from becoming actual problems down the line.

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While a good kitchen remodel can effectively breathe new life into one of your home’s busiest areas, damaged appliances can make it difficult to enjoy your new kitchen. In the absence of proper precautionary measures, some of your home’s priciest appliances stand to incur serious damage during the renovation process. Fortunately, keeping big-ticket appliances out of harm’s way doesn’t have to be costly, cumbersome or time-consuming. Putting the previously discussed tips to good use can help ensure that your kitchen’s star appliances make it through the renovation process unscathed.

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- by Matt Watts