Reborn House by Alhumaidhi Architects

Reborn House is a three-story seaside residence located in Bidaa, Kuwait, designed in 2020 by Alhumaidhi Architects.


With the western elevation facing a busy street, we opted to carve a series of openings out of the main mass. Cuts were made at acute angles and the windows were set within a slight tilt. By partially masking the windows, we were able to create shadows that minimize solar heat gain while allowing for diffused light to enter the house. On the other hand, the eastern elevation (facing the sea) benefits from deep set openings and balconies that maximize both views and shade.

This private villa includes a large interior atrium bringing in lots of natural light to the heart of the house, while the internal corridors connect the main functional spaces from East to West. The main atrium is lined with louvers that serve as form and function: shielding the view of movement along the staircase; and activating the triple high space with texture that creates a play of shadows throughout the day. Amenities such as dressing rooms and bathrooms are located along both northern and southern elevations away from the neighboring homes.

Photography courtesy of Alhumaidhi Architects

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- by Matt Watts

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