Day and Night by Kulygin Design

Day and Night is a modern apartment located in Ukraine, recently designed by Kulygin Design.


This project is oriented towards a young man, a bachelor. The main aim of the project was to design it to be as calm and relaxing as possible with a feel of graceful airiness. To create such atmosphere I’ve used natural materials – wood and stone imitation. Why «Day and Night» you ask? Well, Since bedroom is the main place for relaxation, I’ve decided to create it in dark tones for good night sleep and full relaxation, while the Living area and the rest of the rooms were designed in light colors to represent the energy spurring from each nook and cranny of the apartment. The high amount of light also helps with the representation of space and facilitates the feeling of lightness.

There’re no enclosed areas in the Bedroom. The whole space including the wardrobe is fully open which allows the space to not feel heavy despite the colors used.

The bathroom is finished in light tones. The main accent of the room is the bath itself the base of which is made of wooden stone-imitating covering.

Another point of interest is the wardrobe closet. Due to jugate glass and high amount of lighting it doesn’t feel like an overwhelmingly massive unit but a great choice for the space.

A big light colored coarse textured couch in the living area is a great underline of the masculine atmosphere of the apartment and the decor adds needed accents to finish up the bachelor look.

Visualizations by Kulygin Design

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- by Matt Watts

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