5 Ideas to Reclaim Space in Your Home

Many of us are constantly fighting to find enough space in our homes. When this happens our first thought is to extend our homes outwards. But this can use up valuable outdoor space or risk damaging the character of our home.

Here are 5 ideas to reclaim some space in your home without extending.

Go for a minimalist interior

Popular in modern and Scandinavian homes, a minimalist approach to your interiors could give you the space you long for. This will take a ruthless approach to decluttering your home and you’ll need to keep your color palette light. Unfussy furniture, clean lines, and hidden storage are key things to

Replace cupboards with open shelving

Large cupboards not only take up floorspace but also feel quite imposing. By replacing some of your cupboards with open shelving you can increase the feeling of space. One of the easiest places to do this is in the kitchen. Replacing the top wall cupboards with simple open shelving can increase the sense of openness in your kitchen. Painting shelves white or the same color as the walls will help too.

Turn your unused attic into living space

Have you thought about turning an unused attic into extra living space? Many people use their attic space as an extra bedroom, but it can also create a great lounge. Don’t be put off by the thought of sloping ceilings. If you can add plenty of windows and light, you could have a dreamy space with nice views outside. Invest properly in your attic conversion cost to make sure it achieves its full potential.

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Make use of the space under your stairs

The space under your stairs could become a room in itself. It just needs a bit of careful planning. This small alcove could easily house a boot room, play den or reading nook. But with custom designed storage and desk space, it’s also the obvious place to put your home office.

Add a mezzanine floor

If your home is blessed with high ceilings yet is short on floorspace, then a mezzanine floor could be the answer. This is a popular solution in loft apartments and converted churches but is useful for many types of home.

Although they don’t provide a lot of privacy, they’re still useful for adding guest bedrooms, studies, home offices and extra entertaining space.

- by Matt Watts