Cool Home Decor Ideas That You Can Try With Your Kids

When we were kids, most of us didn’t have the privilege of a separate room, nor did we have any say in home decor. Why make our kids miss out on this opportunity. After all, home is where a child first gets all his imagination, education, and inspiration from. It’s his first playground. So it is very important to combine both the play and learning elements in equal proportion. Decorate your home by keeping the interests of the youngest members of the household in mind.

Here are some cool home decor ideas that won’t cost you a fortune, and at the same time, your kids are going to be delighted to see them:


Swings were hands down our favorite play location when we used to be kids. They are cute, comfortable, and cozy spots.

There are different types of swings available out there, ranging from white cane swing, Full Bucket Swing, Rattan chair swing to porch swings and flat chair swings. You can also create a classic DIY swing using rubber tires and ropes.

They serve as a great place for relaxing or reading books. Not only swings amp up the home’s aesthetic appeal but also serve as a great space divider and an open storage unit. Hang them in the kids’ room, porch, balcony, or living room. Add some cushions, fur, or crochet to it. Your kids are going to love the fresh breeze they experience while swinging. They will love to read books while being wrapped up in this comforting cocoon.

Wall Art

Walls are the best canvases for decorating. Add stickers of your kid’s favorite cartoon or comic characters, their favorite sports players so that they can aspire to be like them. You can also add removable murals or wall decals.

An excellent wall decor idea is to add canvas prints to the wall so that you can hold onto every precious memory of your family members. Your kids’ first step, their first laugh, or their first school day- Relive and share these cherished memories with your kids.


Chalkboard is a fun and versatile tool which can instantly transform your room with minimum effort. It is extremely easy to build, won’t cost you a fortune, and will boost up your kid’s imagination and creativity.

You can create it on the wall or a piece of plywood. Use chalkboard paint to create a hard, smooth, and scratch-resistant surface and allow you to write on it with chalk. Since chalkboard Paints come in different colors, your chalkboard wall doesn’t have to be black and boring.

Before creating a chalkboard wall, make sure that the wall has a smooth texture without any bumps or crevices. Apply a minimum of two coats of paint for a smooth finish. Give it 3 to 4 days to dry and when it is perfectly dried, rub the chalk on the whole surface thoroughly. It will make the surface ready to use.

Outperform yourself by creating a magical magnetic chalkboard using a magnetic primer. You will need a minimum of three coats for an effective magnetic impact. Stick magnets, hooks on it.

Bicycle Decor

Whether your kid’s bicycle is old or unusable or new, you can mount the bicycle on the wall. Not only will it save the floor space but also add a vintage feel to your room.

Your kid must be attached to the bicycle and might not want to throw it in the garbage. So just recycle it into a decorative item. Anything made with your kid’s precious bike parts will have a special place in their hearts. Add a touch of paint and some digits to transform the bike rims into a classic vintage wall clock showpiece.

Cool Home Decor Ideas That You Can Try With Your Kids - 3

Play With Paint

Add bright colors to the wall to keep up the energy in the room. Paint a specific section of the wall or ceiling.

Why only limit yourself to the walls? Get creative with the paint and add a splash of it to your kid’s bookshelves, bed, and furniture.

If you are tired of your kids running away from studies and homework, transform their study place into a cool and creative place. Paint the study table with bold and funky colors and add colorful pencils, erasers to it. They will love their study place and won’t mind spending time there.

A Wall Map

A giant wall map will combine the best of both education and decoration. It will lend a sense of history to your home. Use a world map or a country’s map.

Outdo yourself by adding your kid’s favorite tourist locations and inspire them to explore the world. This decor idea will also make your child develop an interest in geography.

Prized Possessions

If your child is an art lover, frame their sketches and paintings and showcase them on the wall. This will boost up your kid’s confidence and make them feel valued.

Encourage them to collect stamps and postcards, and then you can paste them on the wall as well. It will be a fun and learning experience for them.


Instead of storing books away, display them for all to see. You can also make a DIY bookshelf using an old, dismantled skateboard. Drill a hole on both the extremities of the skateboard and use a firm rope to tie it to the ceiling.

Add your kid’s favorite comics and books to it. This will encourage your children to develop a habit of reading.

- by Matt Watts