6 Tips To Decorate Your Home Like An Interior Designer

Buying a new house might also come with the need to decorate that new home, so let’s have a deeper insight into how you can do that just like a professional interior designer.

6 Tips To Decorate Your Home Like An Interior Designer - 1

As most of us already know, not everyone can afford to hire an interior designer to decorate their home, but you might have been wishing to manifest your designs based on your individual choices and style preferences.

So, here are a few tips to guide you throughout the design process so that you can decorate your home like a pro:

1. Invest In Big Statement Furniture Pieces

The most typical mistake most people make is adding lots of furniture in their house but the truth is that this only adds clutter to such a valuable space and makes the room look too bulky.

Remember that what matters most here is keeping the correct type of furniture – not filling the space with lots of furniture.

For a pro interior design, space planning is essential, so you should look for a mixture of big and small furniture pieces to find a visible balance.

2. Add Flowers Everywhere

Check out the entire album of inspirational home design ideas that you got from Pinterest and ask yourself what’s the common denominator for all of them? Don’t you see floral items? I am sure you do.

Adding real flowers, plants, and natural things is the key to a fresh feeling in the home. They can make your home look beautiful and survive for years if they are carefully treated and nurtured. Know that you have to live there, so create whatever you love while keeping these small tips in mind.

3. Color Schemes

Working on a color scheme is undoubtedly a tricky part but try to go for trendy colors for your ease. It’s entirely your choice what colors to choose, but you should try a combination of three different colors.

One color for the walls, another color for the larger furniture pieces, and a third one for the small accessories – this formula works in all cases as it will never give a dull impression.

Just remember that even if you choose to keep the same color, three different shades are the all-time successful combination.

4. Add More Lighting

The dark aesthetics won’t help in giving the impression of excellent interior designing. The key here is to bring in more lighting. Your home should have a prominently light-filled interior which also contributes to the enlargement of yourspace.

Consider adding designer lighting instead of chandeliers, but if you wish to go for a chandelier, make sure that it is a modern one. Additionally, it would be best if you place a mirror to bounce the lighting effect and serve as a statement piece.

5. Bring In Your Artistic Taste

Art pieces add sophistication to any blank space. Adorn your room with pieces that are eye-catchy and place them where they are easily noticeable.

Your art pieces portray your taste and mind, so be careful in choosing them. Anyone who visits your house might be able to tell who you really are through your art pieces.

6. Add Texture To Your Home

Just like your color scheme, the texture is also essential in your home as it can add the needed amount of sophistication to your styling. Closely observe the surface that serves as the best contrast to your color scheme – it should look pleasing to the eyes, while adding warmth to the ambiance.

Style your home however you want but make sure to add lots of texture for the perfect look!

- by Matt Watts