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Project Residence is a modern cottage located in the cottage village “Residence”, Yekaterinburg, Russia, designed by Rudko Design.

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The project of a house in the cottage village “Residence” in a modern style, created by us for a family of three. All the premises are united by a common style, as well as a single range of materials for finishing – decorative wall plaster, created to order, and wear-resistant quartz-vinyl on the floor, imitating a parquet board.

The layout of the cottage assumes a large kitchen and living room area, several bedrooms, bathrooms and dressing rooms, as well as an office and a room for guests.

In the kitchen area there is a set with an island and a dining table made of bent artificial stone attached to it. For the kitchen set, all the wishes of the customer were taken into account – a large refrigerator for storage, a pencil case with an oven, microwave and wine cabinet, a roll-out column for storing groceries, drawers with a divider for convenient storage of cutlery and dishes, convenient placement of a sink and a dishwasher, large hob and powerful extractor hood. In the living room, we have placed a fold-out sofa with several sections and an ottoman, a TV area and a fireplace.

In the lobby, we have designed a storage area for outerwear and a comfortable shoe rack. The bathrooms have large vanity units with roll-out drawers and additional storage space for towels and household chemicals.
The entire project is imbued with a touch of glamor, which can be seen if you pay attention to the details in decoration and furniture. Glossy surfaces, gold accents, mural with feather-like leaves on the living room wall. The decoration of the walls with decorative plaster reminiscent of silk adds shine to the interior. The calm beige color scheme of the living room with a dark chocolate sofa and dining group is diluted with white and gold. For the bedroom, we chose a different solution, and abandoned such a strong contrast in favor of beige, coffee with milk and vanilla colors. In the bathrooms, the austere gray color of the tiles is diluted with metallized bronze-like mosaics.

Almost all rooms are decorated with decorative plaster, quartz-vinyl tiles on the floor. The bathroom features granite tiles and mosaics. For the kitchen we used glossy fronts and quartz countertops. For bathroom furniture – painted MDF, moisture resistant and reliable in use. The sofa and bed are upholstered in durable suede, a modern material that can be washed.

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- by Matt Watts