5 Kid-Friendly (and Roughhousing-Resistant) Grass Types

If you have high-energy little ones running amuck, you might think you have to kiss your beautiful green lawn goodbye. Luckily for you, not all grass is created equally. There are plenty of kid-proof, roughhousing-resistant grasses that can survive even your would-be rugby champions.

5 Kid-Friendly (and Roughhousing-Resistant) Grass Types - 1

Here are five options if you want a lush lawn that will stand up to all manner of frisbee, football, and roughhousing.

Kentucky Bluegrass

This hardy cool-season grass stands up to whatever winter can throw at it, so it’s a great fit for kids who spend every snow day outside. High heat and dry weather can make Kentucky Bluegrass dormant, so it’s best suited to northern zones. To prevent lawn weeds from taking over, apply lawn weed killer each spring. With some regular lawn maintenance and the right lawn care products, this grass will look its best all year round.

Remember that grass is only as good as the seed it’s grown from. For those homeowners interested in seeding their way to a durable, kid-proof backyard, check out retailers like Nature’s Seed for quality Kentucky Bluegrass seed.

Bermuda Grass

If your kids love to tear bald spots on your lawn, this next suggestion is for you. Because of its extensive root system, Bermuda grass, also known as wiregrass or devil grass, tolerates plenty of sports and foot traffic. Bermuda grass fares best in warmer weather, making it the natural choice for active, summer-loving families. Though it is also reasonably adaptable to cold climates, it will need year-round sunlight and good drainage.

St. Augustine

If your backyard is shaded, St. Augustine is an excellent choice for ground cover. St. Augustine is a hardy warm-season grass that regularly toughs out summer heat and humidity in the Deep South. Whether you want to laze in the grass with a book or beat the heat with a water-balloon fight, St. Augustine will have you covered. Make sure to keep it watered constantly, though not exceedingly. For best results, aim for damp but not soggy.


This warm-season grass also tolerates cold weather, making it an excellent choice for areas with hot summers and cold snaps in the winter. Generally, sodding or plugging is the best way to establish this type of grass, as it takes very long to grow directly from seeds. Zoysia provides a thick grass carpet that kids love to get out on, so it remains a family favorite.

Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass is another cool-season option for your lawn. Perennial ryegrass is great for crowding out weeds and boasts an extensive root network that will grip the ground no matter how much you walk on it. As opposed to Zoysia, perennial ryegrass grows very quickly. It is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing options on the list with its bright green coloration.

Wrap up

When you design your yard and carefully choose everything from furniture to flowers, don’t forget to pencil in the human element. If you have kids, this means choosing a grass that can stand up to their playtime. It’s your kids’ yard too, and they’ll remind you of that post haste if you settle for low-quality grass seed.

When shopping for kid-tolerant grass seed for your lawn, first consider whether cool-season or warm-season grass is best for your climate. A grass that suits your environment means less work for you. That said, acquire your grass or seeds from high-quality sources, plant and water according to directions, and you will have a lush, green carpet for your whole family (including your little ruffians) to enjoy.

- by Matt Watts