Ulus House by Designist

Ulus House is an elegant home located in Istanbul, Turkey, designed in 2019 by Designist.

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Located in the prestigious housing area of Istanbul, Ulus House designed with a minimalistic approach by using valuable furnitures of its time and creating an elegant setting for the client’s admirable artwork collection.

The project was about redesigning the interior of the private owned villa owned by a collector family. Located in the prestigious housing area of Istanbul, in Ulus, the villa is looking down the magnificent view of Bosporus. The plan of the grand salon is very symmetrical, two columns dividing the whole space in the three main parts, and at the ends two narrow pocket spaces were created architecturally. Design of the house is aimed to be minimalistic in its approach by furnishing with the valuable and iconic furniture of its time and also to make an elegant setting for admirable artwork collection.

As you enter the living room, stepping up half floor from the entry door, wide glass facade viewing the Bosporus is like a framed artwork which is a part of every section of the grand living salon. The two columns which are right in the middle of the space acts a separators of the 3 sections of the grand salon.

During the design process these two columns had to be designed so cleverly that they should have been striking but at the same time subtle in the whole concept. Therefore, special designed metal panels were used to dress these two columns which made them unique to look at and give desire to touch and feel. This special metal panels are product of De Castelli, which is made by a special treatment on metal sheet of which creates a fascinating gradient color from anthracite to blue with reflecting different tones in between. After adding the indirect lights from above by cutting the ceiling, these two columns were the subtle focal point of the space.

As being one of the first important renovation decision of the house was by retouching and re-polishing the existing dark reddish mahogany parquet flooring, into darker brown toned color to unite the space and to be able to make the artworks stand out in an unsaturated toned interior. On the two opposite sides of the salon, there are two functional space to enjoy, one is for fireplace and other side is for exclusively designed minibar unit.

On the fireplace side, pre-existing basalt facade was recovered by texture dark grey stone sheets to refresh its old look. As the fireplace wall was being covered, we designed to insert paper thin shelving units for displaying collected books and art pieces of the family. On the left narrow side of the fireplace Serge Mouille designed (1953) wall light was placed to give the balance to asymmetrical wall with its powerful design which serves as an art piece on the wall with giving a dramatic light at night. In this area, adding dark mirrored paneling on the ceiling, gave great depth to this narrow pockets of the grand salon also reflects image of the beautiful magnolia tree in the garden into the salon.

On the other side of the salon the minibar unit is placed for preparation of cocktails for enjoyment during house parties. The design of the minibar were made such as that on a normal day it would be hidden behind a tinted tubed glass sliding panel doors. On the ends the stone covered panel doors created for hidden storage for glasses and bottles, so that the bar unit is not catching the eye with busy view of bottles glasses and preparation bar counter.

All the grand salon walls were covered with suede finish wall paper, made a soft and subtle background for the giant and very valuable art pieces of the family. The lively color of the artworks gave the dynamism to the whole space.

The furniture and lighting selections were made very carefully with the high taste of the client, some pieces of iconic pieces of furniture from very important designers of the 20’ and 50’s. These include the iconic very famous Naguchi Coffee table by Isamu Naguchi by Vitra. The elegant Totem lamp by Serge Mouille which stands like a sculpture on the one side of the corner. On the opposite side of the Salon, Eileen Grey Brick screen stands with its elegant form by fascinating the viewer, and one can admire the design of 1920’s by Eileen Grey. This famous screen is more than just a divider, commands the presence of a sculpture with in the salon.

Photography courtesy of Designist

- by Matt Watts