Topos by Sebastian Guzman

TOPOS is a decorative and functional table designed by Sebastian Guzman, where the use of computational design, topology optimization techniques and digital fabrication seek to create an interaction between contemporary /futuristic elements and traditional materials.

Topos by Sebastian Guzman - 1
Topos by Sebastian Guzman - 2
Topos by Sebastian Guzman - 3
Topos by Sebastian Guzman - 4
Topos by Sebastian Guzman - 5
Topos by Sebastian Guzman - 6


The name is inspired by the technique used – Topology Optimization – in the form finding process to develop the shape of this object. By using this technique, the amount of necessary material is minimized / optimized. Moreover, the mechanical resistance of the piece ismaintained, thus, maximizing its performance and reducing the amount of material used. In addition, this creates an organic shape, generated byperforming the optimization process, which evokes elements of nature and contributes to the unique aesthetics of this table.

Then, with a mix between handcrafted wooden legs (made by local artisans) and a glass top has been chosen to complete theproject giving to the table a contemporary design which represents the transition between traditional and contemporary fabrication techniques.

Ultimately, one of the goals of this project was to develop additive manufacturing objects that can be fabricated with affordable desktop 3D printers, where the printing space is often limited. In this way, it is shown that it is possible to use contemporary manufacturing tools with reduced budgets, thus, democratizing the access of these techniques in the field of design.

Photography courtesy of Sebastian Guzman

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- by Matt Watts