How to Make Your Apartment Leave as Painless as Possible

Choosing to move apartments can be a stressful experience. There is a lot to organise, and you need to be able to get it all organised as soon as you can. Here are some of the things that you can try to do to make leaving your apartment as painless as possible.

Establish a Timeline

The first thing you need to do is work out how much time you have left on your current lease, and what happens after lease expires. This will dictate precisely how much time you have to find a new place and then leave the old one.

Remember that you might have other commitments that you need to address too. A move can be stressful enough as it is, but you might have to also complete projects at work or handle something within the life of any children that you may have too. If you know that a move is on the horizon for you, try to establish a timeline as soon as you can so you will know how long you have. The more organised you can be, the easier it will be overall.

Find a New Place to Stay

Next, you of course have to find the place that you are moving onto. As soon as you know that your lease is coming to an end, you should try to find somewhere and get it locked down. Even having a small gap between the end of one lease and the start of the next can be very stressful to manage.

Ideally, you will gain access to the new place a week or so before you are due to move out of the old. This will allow you to begin to move things across bit by bit. There will be no need for everything to be moved at once on the one day where you need to be out. If you can afford to have the overlap between these two places, you should definitely try to take advantage of it.

Begin Packing as Soon as You Can

You should try to get your non-essentials packed up as quickly as possible. Not only does this give you the chance to get them moved – if you want to do that – but it gives you a chance to declutter and take your time with the packing. Go through all of your belongings and try to identify what doesn’t need to come with you. If you can get rid of it before Moving Day, then that will be less to move!

Try to identify some items that you know that you are going to need and put them all together in the one box. This is the essentials box and it could have vital things like scissors, a screwdriver, and your favourite mug. When you go to unpack this will be the first box you open, and it should help to make the reorganisation even easier!

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Confirm the Movers

If you are going to be using professional movers to get your belongings from A to B, you need to make sure that they are definitely going to turn up on the right day and at the right time. Confirm with them that you are booked in, and make sure that they know where they can park and what they need from you to make the move go smoothly.

This is also the time for you to do a little scouting. How difficult is it going to be for you to get your bulkier items out of your apartment? Likewise, how easily are the movers going to be able to get your furniture into the new place? You need to make sure that everything is going to be as smooth as possible.

Take the Time to Relax

This is going to be as stressful as an experience as you are likely to find. You need to make sure that you take a moment for yourself where you can. Taking a moment away from the move can help you to recentre yourself, and can help you to feel much more positive when things get too stressful.

It could be as simple as picking up your favourite food on your way home, or watching an episode of your favourite TV show each night. It could even be as simple as taking a long, hot bath or shower when you have finished packing for the day. Take the time to enjoy the simple things like this, and you will feel much better about the moving experience.

When you leave behind an apartment, you are also leaving behind many memories and associations that you might have with it. Though there will be a strict timeline you have to stick to to ensure that you are out, you need to make sure that you make this process as easy to handle as can be.

- by Matt Watts