Choosing the best furnishings: Parasol Furniture

When decorating the exterior of your house or building, many families and enterprises are thinking about finding a company that sells both high-quality furniture and sells it at a reasonable price.

After conducting a lot of research, it was concluded that there are quite a few companies in the United Arab Emirates that can boast such a reputation. Following this, PARASOL decided to occupy this niche in the market.

About the company

Having been operating for 15 years, this company has a strong position in the market and is a leader in the supply of splendid and solid furniture. The main category of PARASOL is outdoor furniture Dubai.

The company is proud of its rich practice. The loudest success was furniture projects for such hotel chains as Hilton and Rotana.

The success of a large line of furniture lies in creating durable furniture of high quality and made of natural materials and creating its design according to the latest trends. Based on the mild weather conditions, the company's management examined all the materials and
found proper materials that will be able to withstand the heat of the desert and not lose its presentable appearance.

The natural desire of the buyer is to find goods that will serve him faithfully for many years and not overpay extra money. This company has made every effort to achieve this goal. Everyone can visit the showroom of the company and in real conditions make sure of the soundness of the materials, as well as choose suitable products for their private areas, cafes and swimming pools.


  • The prosperity of a company depends not only on the quality of the product but also on the impeccable service. In order to maintain customer loyalty, Parasol employees keep in touch with customers and analyze the work done, whether everything was good or not. Based on the feedback, the company is steadily improving its service. Specialists are constantly learning something new in order to achieve good communication with clients.
  • Many people spend a lot of effort and money ordering furniture measurements, delivering it home, and installing it. Parasol knows what it is and therefore provides its services. Also, if there are any difficulties with the furniture, then you can exchange one item for another and you will not be charged an additional fee.
  • As every homeowner knows, furniture requires constant maintenance to keep it looking good. The company’s management has created a service that helps its customers to extend the service life of the furniture for many years.
  • The materials from which the furniture is made, rattan and teak, require maintenance in order to serve customers for at least 5 years. With proper care, such as handling, cleaning, and lubricating, these products will serve for several decades. Clients wishing to do this work can simply call the service, where the staff will come to pick up your furniture and after all the procedures will bring your furniture in impeccable condition back to your house.
  • Another advantage of the company is that if you have no idea how to decorate your garden, then you can easily get to the city center and get advice from specialists. You just need to take a few photos of your house and the masters of their craft will help you to comfortably organize the space and help you choose the design that suits your choice.
  • Many residents often clutch their heads when it comes to transportation. You need to think about where to get the necessary car, transport the furniture, and the main thing is to get the heavy furniture out of the car and install it. This is another headache and unnecessary waste. Having ordered one of Parasol’s sets of furniture, you will not need to think about any of these things. Delivery is absolutely free, and most importantly, your order can be delivered right on the day of purchase.
  • When you have a lot of ideas swarming in your head on how best to decorate the space, you can often face a dilemma, for example, “choose this sofa or that one”. For people like you, the company provides a unique opportunity to try several options right at your house, and having made your choice, you just need to call the employees and they will bring a team that will pick up the item you don’t like.
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Choose Parasol

Parasol is a reliable supplier of garden furniture in the Dubai market with a proven track record. The company is engaged in the implementation of your summer cottage project from the beginning until the very end. The company's specialists will be happy to provide you with all the necessary assistance.

- by Matt Watts