How to Use Texas Décor to Spice up Your Apartment’s Look

If you’re not only planning to move to Texas but also want to style your new place to feel authentic, you should learn about some of the most unique Texas home décor styles. From leather and wood to key racks and wall art, there are many ways you can go by designing your new apartment. Search the web, ask for recommendations, visit many places before you decide on the one that suits you best, and you might just get an idea of how you want your new apartment to look.

Below are some helpful tips that might help with decorating your new place, Texas-style.


Furnishings can easily bring a whole new look with just remodeling or replacing a few simple pieces. If you want to deliver strong homestead vibes, you might want to go for rustic or distressed wood. This type of wood is so popular in the interior design scene that companies would tear down old barns and structures for free just to keep the old wood.

If you want your place to have that warm home feeling you might want to consider adding quilts around the house since Texans love using them. One Texan town that has a wide variety of quilt shops displaying interesting techniques is Mesquite. The bonus part of renting apartments near Mesquite TX is that you might find them already furnished just the way you wanted your Texas home to look. And don’t forget to place a welcoming wreath at the door showcasing Texas’s state colors.

Add metals

If you want to turn your place into a Texas-style design you can start by incorporating some rusted metal into your interior design. Although it may seem like an outdated look, it will add a little touch of rugged homestead style to your modern apartment. If you decide on this, know that you will also place a piece of history since rusted metal is a reminder of the harsh conditions that early Texans experienced.

But, if you don’t like using rusted metal, you can choose a mix of metals like gold, silver, and bronze. The mix and match mentality is spilled over into Texas’ interior design and a good designer might be able to help you blend accent pieces in popular metals like brass and copper. Of course, you don’t have to go overboard with a variety of metals, and you don’t have to adhere to a single-metal mindset.

Leather and skins

Is there any better way to incorporate Texas’ ranch culture than by adding a cowhide rug or a sheepskin blanket? Since Texas has a rich history in cattle ranching and livestock rearing, placing a cowhide rug will not only add a touch of color but also a cool texture to your new home. Add the sheepskin blanket to your living room furniture, or make some leather pillows for your sofa and it will deliver a more organic style.

If you don’t prefer to have real animal skins around your house, but you still like the look, you can choose some faux cowhide rugs or faux sheepskin pillows. If you have a more artsy side and you’re not comfortable touching animal skin, you can also try making the rugs into wall art. The wall art style has been quite popular everywhere with people putting different styles of rugs and making them seem like a furry painting.

Go for clean minimalism

If you’re someone who likes to have a Texas home décor but doesn’t like too many decorations, you can easily swipe to a modern approach to the typical Texas aesthetic, placing things like key racks and rattan furniture. It’s known that Texans need a place to hang their keys, making key racks an essential part of the home décor. If you don’t like the look of rusted metal, you can use a wooden key rack which will also deliver that modern style to your place.

When talking about rattan, people either love it or hate it. If you’re one of those that love rattan furniture you should know that recently it has taken a sophisticated tone with people placing it in luxury living rooms, rather than as part of the lawn furniture or in granny’s room. Remember, there’s beauty in simplicity.

In closing

Texas décor will not only bring spiciness to your new place but also a cozy atmosphere where you can relax on your days off. Try not to over-decorate it, just find a few pieces you like and combine them accordingly. And if you want to blend indoors and outdoors, you can place sliding, frameless doors inside the house to bring the outdoors in.

- by Matt Watts