Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating and Furnishing Your New Construction Home

Decorating and furnishing your newly constructed home is both exciting and overwhelming. Your taste should always take precedence, as what may seem simple and overly elegant to you may be boring to another person. However, even though there are no specific rules to furnishing your new construction, you should be cautious to avoid mistakes that can degrade the final appearance. Below are common mistakes that homeowners easily make when working on their new homes.

1. Buying Matching Furniture

When shopping for furniture online or from a furniture store, you might be easily tempted to buy a fully-matching ready-made furniture set. While they certainly look nice and will highly be praised by your guests, furnishing your living room and other spaces this way is not the best option.

You can check rattan furniture if you want a reliable and durable furniture option that won’t make your space look too uniform. Also, try to mix and match different styles and colors to create a more dynamic look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different pieces and patterns, as long as they complement each other.

For starters, a ready-made set is someone else’s design with a different style and creativity. Buying entirely matching furniture also restricts you from buying other household items and accessories as you will fear that they wouldn’t match what you have at home. If you are in such a fix, this inspiration from Kateryna Sokolova can come in handy when selecting your furniture options.

2. Laying a Small Rug in the Living Room

Choosing a good rug can potentially change the ambiance of your living room by creating a solid focal point that complements the interior décor. While your living room style should reflect the general tone you want to set throughout the house, you should observe some basic rules. Laying an extremely small rug, such as a 4×6 inch rug, can make your room appear fragmented, disorganized, and cheap.

While this may seem obvious, go for a large (8×10 inches) or a larger rug that can accommodate all the furniture. As a rule, if your living room rug cannot fit under all your furniture, it should cover the front legs of large furniture, such as a sofa. Similarly, it should be under the legs of small furniture, such as chairs and stools.

3. Poor Lighting

While a single hanging lamp can provide sufficient light, don’t make the mistake of having only one source of light. You should have several different types of lights for a brilliant design. The light should come from different heights, including wall heights, table lamps, and floor lamps, just like these pendant lights.

Installing such lights enables you to achieve a standard lighting plan that caters to ambient, accent, and task lighting. Ambient light allows for safe movements, accent lights illuminate your architecture and artworks, while task lights come in handy when cooking, reading, or doing other constructive tasks.

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4. Placing Your Artwork High

Placing your artwork too high is another common mistake that most homeowners commit. Essentially, your visitors shouldn’t take even one step back to admire your artwork on walls. Instead, hand your artwork at an eye level for maximum visibility. Even though the height is subjective due to varying heights, use your judgment to estimate the perfect position for your artwork.


Decorating and furnishing your home gives you total freedom to design it exactly how you want. While this is fun, you should avoid these common mistakes restricting your rooms from showing their full potential.

- by Matt Watts