7 Creative Interior Designs For a Cozy Holiday Home

Preparing for the holiday season is one of the most stressful, yet exciting things to do. Between getting the perfect décor for your home, your typical busy schedules, and running up and down to make sure everything is in order, it might seem like there is not enough time to complete everything you want done. For that reason, we have shared seven easy and the most creative interior designs for a cozy holiday home.

What will your décor be like?

Whenever you plan out a décor to use for the holiday, it would help to consider the season. For instance, thanksgiving happens during the fall; hence when choosing dining room décor, you can play along with the changing colors of leaves, branches, berries, and evergreen foliage. Typically, your focal point in the dining room is the centerpieces on the dining table. So, highlight using natural components to give it a cozy rustic feel. Additionally, remember to install Loft Insulation Roll on the dining room floor and the entire house to improve thermal efficiency in your home.

1. Install Wreaths

Maybe one of the most creative ways to decorate your holiday home this season is to include some wreaths in your living room. Whether hanging in the window or welcoming visitors to the door, it is a cozy sign everyone will appreciate. The greenery wreaths are perfect for seasonal decoration since they can switch into expedient décor and suit a wide range of interior design styles.

2. Holiday Chandelier Decorating Ideas

One of the best holiday decoration trends entails lighting up your home. Chandeliers offer the best ways to add creative décor to the living room. You could also add a well-lit garland to offer the room a cozy wreath effect. There are endless possibilities for lighting solutions for your home. Note that extra attention to detail will never go unnoticed.

3. Add Twinkle Lights Holiday Décor Must-Haves

No holiday home decoration can be complete without adding some twinkle lights. Well, maybe you are wondering how many twinkle lights are enough! The limit doesn’t exist. You can add lights anywhere and not only in fireplace garland or Christmas tree. You can add lights to the dining room table centerpiece. Everyone will enjoy the glow of these lights as they have their dinner.

4. Sustainable Citrus Garland

As a way to keep in line with the new trends in interior design, holiday décor is joining the sustainability bandwagon. Maybe you’ve seen citrus fruits being used in numerous ways. Baked citrus garland is one of the latest décor trends. Slice the citrus and dry them in the oven, bam, and thread to get a stunning holiday garland. You can use the garland alone or mix it with a greenery garland for a stunning pop. Grapefruit and orange dry out gorgeously too.

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5. Wrap your Gallery Walls

Instagram and Pinterest can be the best source of holiday décor inspiration, as you can find many innovative and creative ideas there. Get a roll of your best wrapping paper and cover your walls for cost-effective holiday decorating ideas. This will make everything feel festive, organized, and cohesive.

6. Bring Back the Old School Classics

Bringing back that classic décor of the 80s is also a smart move. Nostalgic holiday decoration will provoke those happy memories of past festive seasons with loved ones. Meanwhile, your home décor will have an on-trend vintage appeal that looks awesome. Everyone would welcome the good reasons to go through the thrift and antique shops for these incredible finds.

7. Asymmetrical Mantle

Spice up that traditional holiday mantle by adding interest with asymmetry. You can do this in various ways. You can use stockings and garlands. Visually, creating an asymmetrical mantle décor in your home tends to be interesting to watch, unlike the symmetrical decoration. Swag the garland off to one edge and put the stockings to one side to bring out that asymmetrical look. When you want to create the asymmetrical mantle, keep the focus on the stockings and garland. Try to keep the other décor as simple as possible.

With these creative and straightforward decoration designs, you will effortlessly transform your dull house into a cozy holiday home for the whole family. If you need some professional help, don’t hesitate to contact a professional interior designer near you. The expert will advise you on what to do to make sure you achieve your desired interior decor.

- by Matt Watts