Entheogenic Design by The Vrindavan Project

Entheogenic Design is an inspiring residence located in Jammu, India, designed by The Vrindavan Project.

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Spirit is in the process of unfolding through matter, by its involved complexity. This process has been active since the beginning if there were any such conceivable thing. Ours may not even necessarily be the ‘only’ manifest of Divine joy, for it is believed that there have been many cycles of creation, and will be many more. Moreover, should our linear conceptions of temporal and spatial evolution be cast aside, we may notice that every possible reality could be occurring simultaneously, for history itself would be but a flicker, when measured up against an Infinite and Eternal canvas of creativity.

Paradoxically we occupy a realm where, to the best of our analytical capacities, it is found that regardless of how finely we divide space or take matter apart, there seems to be no end in sight. The deeper we go; the further any ‘fundamental’ unit seems to get, as complexity and depth within every quantum of space, is apparently infinite. Similarly, we appear in a universe infinitely large, now seen to be composed of building blocks, that are in turn, infinitely small… and humanity stands on the knife-edge, as some scalar median.

The same goes for time ironically, as we can dissect micro, milli, nanoseconds, and so on, but there is no quantifiable or identifiable zero time, which also effectively implies, that every moment is thus actually eternal. All these moments thread together through history, so incredibly short, yet composed of a stream of eternal moments, and thus an eternity in itself. We are infinite and eternal, yet also fleeting and minuscule. Ours is truly the perfect trap, a riddle unimaginable.

So, if we step back and look at what we are dealing with, it can be seen that human conceptions of Divine Reality are starting to resemble the Nature – of our own reality; which leads to the conclusion that this plane could evidently be a Divine field of action.

Every point of time and space, now shown through entanglement to be fundamentally connected; separate only to deluded, defined, restrained, and narrow perception. Every aspect of the Action being perfect; a fact denied only by Ego, which strays through fantasy, of being the Driver… separate from the Whole.

This current Zeitgeist can best be compared to a birthing process. Chaos, pain, tearing, bleeding, crying, and a distinct sense of emergency, though all endured in the light of bringing forth an entirely new force. We are caught in this situation metaphorically; at a planetary or galactic scale… or perhaps something somehow even more profound.

All this momentum is revealed vividly to those ‘tuned in’; through awakened awareness, where understandings are enlarged to the extent of being able to zoom out effortlessly, to perceive Transformation. Unfortunately, the vast majority of our brothers and sisters remain trapped, by institutions and systems, which emerge from the wake, of an ever-enlarging Ego-centric religious and scientific agenda, that sculpts the landscape of contemporary global culture.

Both religious and scientific institutions originate from the same source, a sense of duality and separate domains; the original sin, our first disconnect with humanity and turn away from Unity. Characterized by defined ideologies and exclusive aesthetic identities, these forces are fundamentally intertwined, intricate, and powerful. Within the last century or so, we witness an ultimate merger of their agendas; with the unfurling of a military police state, mainstream media-driven, pharmaceutical, legal, bureaucratic, corporate, and political ‘network’, of dubious allegiances to divergent transhumanist interests and eugenic philosophies, all at constant siege with each other.

Such agencies pose many serious dangers to collective welfare, for they are not human and therefore rarely display any semblance of humanity. Though often protected Legally as ‘virtual beings’, by common cultural sanction or political mandate. Their interests are worked into the system by lobbyists and public relations consultants, to allow for ambiguous abstract entities and conglomerates; to take control of most activity that defines the collective human endeavor. Relentless propaganda permeates every realm of ‘development’, making our modern way of life ‘consumption driven’, deceptive, reckless, destructive, and remorseless.

This model upon which our global system has been confirmed, cannot be considered healthy, from any reasonable or responsible perspective. It seems like the primary mantra, of the varied authoritarian regulatory mechanisms, that channel human potential; is to ‘Take what we can, while we can… and leave’. Almost as if the collective consciousness of popular culture had been hijacked by some locust over-mind, which somehow drives us to wilfully annihilate our habitat… while simultaneously and persistently (through varied gestures) urging us, to look to the stars and locate the next habitable target, to colonize and eventually consume entirely.

On the other side of the fence, huddle those awkward awakened few, who refuse to be participants in this nightmarish planetary-scale psychopathic genocide, and chant the exact opposite; ‘Give everything and Yourself unconditionally… to stay’. This is the ‘Spiritually Inspired’ development paradigm; which is nothing more complex, than an answer to ‘The Call’ that we all hear. There is almost no ambiguity, as to what the highest expectations from us are.

Should any doubts remain, this sense of connection, love, obligation, and responsibility for context; can be explained… as a natural extension, of the same intuitive care for one’s own mind, body, and being. To be aligned with the unfolding of Spirit differs ‘in essence’ from humanity’s mutant step-siblings (the religious scientific establishments and their countless demon offspring) … but is never ‘apart’. The Spiritual realm is all-encompassing, inclusive, and regards not the limitations of other manifestations as errors… but as reason or inspiration, to strive and aspire to greater heights of creative harmony.

Tracing back the origins of organizations, agendas, and cultures, we are enabled by… and are enabling, on a daily basis, at multiple synchronized levels, through ‘business as usual; it may be revealed that we are in some way or another, often integrally part of this vicious machinery, in some cases even, active perpetrators of Ego sponsored crimes, against ourselves. We are discovered as unconscious agents towards a homogenized, standardized, global operating protocol. Even academia, the identified institution whose primary program should have ideally been boundary dissolution, often peddles the same ideological product and is funded by (so therefore at some level controlled by), the Ego agenda. Their molded, educated, certified, registered, specialized and qualified drones; filter into hierarchical stratified corporate labyrinths, and serve as tools; to render landscapes and territories indistinguishable, by ironing out individuality, cultural plurality, and aesthetic or operational variety with indefinite and eternal growth or expansion aspirations.

Usually the best-intentioned explorations into ‘alternative approaches’, are riddled with logistical, technological, and feasibility issues, which are presented to the public as hurdles that cannot be overcome. More often than one would be willing to believe, such failures are the result of design, ‘built-in’ obsolescence with planned, marketing-driven product redundancy cycles.

If a genuine and radical re-calibration of Civilization occurred, our innovative potential would be inconspicuous, refined, and optimized as harmoniously integrated accessories, to our myriad processes… while ensuring health, abundance, and wellbeing for all ecological networks on earth.

Tools to achieve Convergence are already at our disposal, for we are literally ‘growing’ the macrobiological tissue of the greater resultant organism that our species is weaving itself into. Contextual, environmental, and ecological sensitivity is a default setting, or precondition; necessary for composed and consistent Spiritually guided praxis. Attaining to the stage where Work becomes Meditation cannot stem from some new theory, manifesto, referable best practice, guideline, movement, or instruction.
To appraise, inspect, quantify, qualify, discuss, judge, and criticize potentialities, would necessarily require the implementation of ‘scientific duality’; to create the Ego-distinction between, observer and observed. Spiritual content can have no adequate syntax in such ‘rational’ objective terminology.

Only by experiencing personal, individual sustained Awakening and profound Self-actualization, can we aspire for the opportunity to continually Serve, with perseverance, surrender, acceptance of our limitations… and Faith. With critical mass and momentum in this direction, what must be done will be collectively understood… and our true Vocation revealed by Grace.

Photography by Shamanth Patil

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- by Matt Watts