Cascade by Svoya Studio

Cascade is a contemporary apartment located in Dnipro, Ukraine, designed in 2022 by Svoya Studio.

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The apartment, with an area of 52 m2, is located on one of the most beautiful and lively boulevards of the city of Dnipro. Developed infrastructure and a beautiful view of modern installations make it attractive from the aesthetic and practical sides.

The wishes of the owner of the apartment were to create a comfortable clutter-free space with maximally hidden storage systems. The apartment is provided for the non-permanent residence of 1-2 people.

The total space of the apartment includes the combined areas of the hallway, kitchen, living room, and bedroom. The bathroom with shower is the only isolated room.

A small but spacious kitchen is located right at the entrance. There are columns near the wall with integrated appliances (refrigerator, oven, coffee machine, washing machine, and storage systems). On the island part of the kitchen, there is a sink and a compact hob with an extractor hood. Since the residential complex is equipped with good restaurants and cafes, the kitchen serves as conditional cooking, although it is equipped with everything necessary for any culinary process. The island serves as a table for 2-3 guests. Opposite the kitchen, on the entire wall (including with a twist to the bedroom) there are hidden storage systems in the veneered wall covering, which looks organic and practical in operation.

The living room and bedroom area is delimited by a partition with a TV. But, thanks to two passages from different sides, it was possible to preserve the common space and the line of the wall with glazing. This layout also made it possible to get away from transits and corridors, to preserve the area.

Materials and various lighting combinations play an important role in creating an interior atmosphere. The interior turned out to be warm and inviting to rest and peace in the heart of the city.

Photography by Alexander Angelovskiy

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- by Matt Watts