Smart Home Renovation: 5 Tools You Need

Home renovations and projects can be challenging. Finding the time and money for projects is daunting. With our busy lives, it’s tough to cultivate the time, energy, and resources needed for taking on a project, regardless of scope. There are working out zoning issues, hiring help, making sure it won’t mess with your homeowner’s insurance, and many other factors to consider. Fortunately, having the right tools around can make things much easier—and significantly less complicated. Whether you’re looking to do a large renovation or simply make a few repairs, here are five tools you need for doing a home renovation the smart way!

Framing Hammer

Every toolbox needs a hammer. It’s one of the most critical tools, used in home projects and renovations. But sometimes a regular hammer just won’t cut it; in those situations, a framing hammer might be necessary. A framing hammer is a claw hammer that’s intended for heavy-duty construction work. These hammers are a bit heavier, longer, and have a flatter claw. They’re intended for heavy-duty work, making them ideal for a quick renovation project. With that in mind, a framing hammer isn’t for everyday use. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful tool to keep around just in case.


Sometimes you need to pry something out of another thing, right? Crowbars (also known as pry bars) are great for pulling nails out of wood, prying boards apart, and opening crates. They’re a versatile tool and worth keeping around for certain occasions. They’re useful for other purposes as well. Let’s say you need to open up a window that’s been painted shut or remove stubborn layers of paint for a brand new project. A pry bar works wonders for that. They’re also handy if you’re changing any kind of vinyl molding or siding because they can pry out difficult pieces from their place, enabling you to put the new stuff down easily. Wallpapering, changing flooring, and even reupholstering furniture all benefit from having a crowbar handy. It turns out that a crowbar is a shockingly multifaceted tool and you should consider adding one to your toolbox today.


Everyone needs a good shop-vac. Shop vacs are the gold standard of vacuums. Uniquely different than a home vacuum, shop vacs offer powerful suction and tremendous utility. They’re designed to be able to suck up dirt, debris, wood shavings, and other construction materials. With solid hose construction, filters, and large bodies, they can handle quite a bit of larger materials. Some are also rated for both wet and dry work, meaning they can suck up liquid depending on the model. They’re a bit on the large side, though, so they will require some maneuvering. They also don’t always come with accessories, so think about getting some additional attachments or hoses to help with any job around the garage. For your renovation, a shop vac can prove invaluable for helping you do some of the tedious clean-up that often comes with these sorts of projects.

Power Drill

Power drills are the quintessential tool for any task and project. A drill can be used for everything from mounting hardware to drilling new holes for something. Drills and impact drivers particularly are suited to different tasks. Cordless drills will rely on lithium-ion batteries to work but offer more portability. If you’re working on a bunch of projects related to your renovation in different parts of your house, a cordless drill is going to be your best friend! It’s also vital to have some extra drill bits and accessories so you don’t need to hunt around in your toolbox every time you switch gears on the project. Sometimes, you might need a little more power from an electric drill. That’s why getting one of the drills made by Dewalt tools can be a lifesaver in certain home improvement situations. Dewalt’s tools are more powerful, more compact, and last longer than most other tools. That’s why they’re such a major player in the power tool industry! Getting a few of their drills, drill accessories, and drill bits from them means you’ll be retaining quality and consistency in regard to your power drills.

Safety Gear and Tool Accessories

Whenever you’re using power tools, safety is an absolute must. Every year, there are a significant number of emergency room visits prompted by accidents involving misusing tools, not using safety gear, and failing to follow precautions. Eye goggles, helmets, ear protection, boots, and gloves are the absolute minimum level of personal protective equipment (PPE) to employ when using power tools. There are other types of specialized equipment to use depending on the tool. Aside from using PPE, don’t forget about your accessories! Extra batteries, a spare charger, a tool belt, extra drill bits, and measuring tools can be handy in a pinch, so you’ll be glad to have them around.

- by Matt Watts