What If Your TV Wasn’t Such an Eyesore?

If you’re like most American households, you have at least one TV in your home. But the trouble with having a TV in your living space is that it can really be an eyesore. It’s a big black box with dangling black wires, and it can easily look out of place in your decor.

If your TV weren’t such an eyesore, it would blend in naturally with your decor so you wouldn’t feel the need to hide it. Fortunately, your TV can contribute to, rather than detract from, your home’s decor. Follow these tips to turn your TV from eyesore to art.

Display Your TV Properly

First of all, you need to make sure your TV is displayed properly and in a way that makes it easy to watch. Don’t put it in a corner. Don’t block any windows. Hang it about 38 to 48 inches off the ground so that it’s at eye height when you’re sitting in front of it. You should mount your TV on the wall if you can, but swivel and tilt mounts may be the wrong choice if you’re trying to make your TV more unobtrusive.

Paint Your TV Wall a Dark Color

A big black square on a light-colored wall really stands out, so paint the wall behind your TV a dark hue. This will help the TV fade into the background when you’re not using it. There’s no need to paint the whole room black; just paint the wall where you hang your TV.

Put a Panel Behind Your TV

If you don’t feel like painting one wall of your TV room black, you can put a dark-colored panel behind your TV instead. Choose a darker wood that matches your decor.

Get a TV Console

A long, dark piece of furniture underneath your TV will help balance it out. A black console will help the black of the TV seem more like a conscious design choice instead of an accident of technology.

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Buy a Samsung Frame

When you buy one of these Samsung smart TVs, your TV will look like a framed work of art whenever you’re not watching it. You can choose from an extensive library of more than 1,400 works of art to display on your Frame TV.

Blend Your TV into a Gallery Wall

If you’re feeling creative, you can make your TV the centerpiece of a beautiful gallery wall. Doing so can make your TV look less out of place in your living room. You can go one of two ways – you can decorate around your TV with works of art that are all the same size and shape and are spaced the same distance apart throughout. Or, you can develop a more free-flowing design with pieces of every shape and size arranged around your TV more haphazardly. If you have your TV on a stand on top of a console, you can decorate the wall behind it like a gallery wall and even have some pieces partially behind the TV to help blend it in more.

Just don’t put a huge number of small pieces around a large TV, as this could emphasize it in a way that would be unattractive. If you have a large TV, consider using larger works of art in your TV gallery.

Surround Your TV with Furniture or Shelves

Another way to blend your TV into your decor is to surround it with furniture or shelves. Place tall bookcases painted the same color as your wall on either side of the TV. Fill the shelves with colorful decorative objects to draw the eye away from the TV. Or you could install some floating shelves on the wall around the TV and use them to display your objets d’art.

Invest in a Brightly Colored Rug

A brightly colored rug spread out on the floor below your TV will also have the effect of drawing the eye away from the TV, so it doesn’t stand out as much. Choose colors that complement the rest of your decor for a truly bohemian look.

Does your TV stand out a bit too much? Does it detract from what you’re trying to achieve with your decorating choices? It’s not that hard to blend a TV into the decor of a room so that it doesn’t stand out as such an eyesore. With a little creativity, you can enjoy your Netflix binges without sacrificing your picture-perfect decorating scheme.

- by Matt Watts