Retreat by Tamborí Arquitectes

Lovely summer house located in Alzira, Spain, designed in 2017 by Tamborí Arquitectes.

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The Murta Valley is a small paradise located in the municipality of the city of Alzira, south of Valencia. It is a privileged enclave to locate a small summer house. Not only because it has a very high plant wealth, but also because of the pure air that is breathed in it.

The project is conceived as a contained house. A cube house, where we try to optimize the space to the maximum and thus occupy the minimum m2 of the plot with our architecture. Giving the greatest possible prominence to the natural environment in which it is inscribed.

It was decided to build a house where respect for the environment is the key, based on the principles of Mediterranean architecture. The walls will be built of adobe and the exterior will be painted white. Giving them in this way great thermal inertia, will make them better resist the heat of summer and the cold of winter. The ceramic material will also be key among the chosen materiality. Very appropriate material, for its thermal inertia and the freshness that it brings in turn during the summer.

The openings will be tears in the wall located at key points of the project, always looking for the best orientation and views. Opening them widely to the outside in the most public part. The windows located to the south will be protected with a cane, which will sift the light and let the wind through. The materials are chosen, such as stone, adobe, or cane will try to dialogue with the landscape in which it is inscribed.

The house is designed to generate uncluttered spaces, where communication between the interior and the exterior is fluid. To this end, the project contemplates that the windows will penetrate the inside of the wall, thus leaving a completely free passage. And also generating visuals to the exterior at the points where it is considered essential to establish a visual relationship of greater depth.

Photography courtesy of Tamborí Arquitectes

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- by Matt Watts