Blue Dream by Danna Moran

Blue Dream is a modern apartment located in Tel Aviv, Israel, recently designed by Danna Moran.

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This urban residential apartment is located at a suburb town east of Tel Aviv. It was designed to provide the calmness the couple needs at the end of a working day.
Blue and gray were chosen to be the main colors in the scheme. The tones chosen are calm and vibrant at the same time.
They are provided as part of the the furniture, the curtains, the carpet, the living room and kitchen cabinets.

Another issue to solve was the echo we usually have in small apartments. In this case we took a lot of measures to minimize it. The TV cabinet has a 3D front in order to absorb some to noise. A sub-wafer is located at the rear side to it facing the plant. Hence the sounds coming out of it first heat the plant and only then travel in the living room. The large canvas picture actually holds an acoustic panel behind it.

At the dinning room, there is a full wall home library with a piano at the middle of it. This furniture was located at the center of the house for social gathering and for sound absorption.

Photography by Noya Shiloni Haviv

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- by Matt Watts