Best Restaurant Chairs With Arms

Restaurant seating comes in all shapes and sizes, and different chair styles suit different restaurants. Chairs with arms are a great choice for certain types of restaurants, and they provide a level of comfort that no other chair style can match. Chairs with armrests take up more room than regular chairs, so you need to consider your floor layout and the size of your space. One solution is to mix and match chairs with and without arms. When patrons see chairs with armrests in a restaurant they know the owner has invested in the business and the food will probably also be at a higher level. When you offer a client a chair with armrests or one without and they will usually pick the chair with arms for extra comfort. There is a huge range of chairs with arms to choose from. Here is a small sample of the restaurant chairs with armrests that are available.

Metal Restaurant Chairs With Armrests

Nero Metal Patio Chair With Arms

This classic patio chair has clean lines and comes in a silver or black finish. The strong metal frame and Zinc plated powder coat finish making it extra durable outdoors. The chair is waterproof, has reinforced legs, and there are matching bar stools. Best of all it is reasonably priced.

Metal Checker Back Restaurant Chair With Arms

Take things up a notch with this elegant metal chair with a stylish checkered back. Choose from wooden, padded vinyl, or padded fabric types of dining room chairs for sale. The metal finish is available in various colors so it will match any restaurant decor.

Banquet Stacking Arm Chair

If you want a chair that is extremely practical and durable but still incredibly comfortable, this is the chair for you. The metal frame is available in a range of finishes, and the padded seat, armrests, and back can be vinyl or fabric. This quality commercial banquet chair is reasonably priced and stackable!

Best Wooden Restaurant Chairs With Arms

Vertical Slat Wood Restaurant Chair With Arms

This solid wooden chair would be at home in a rustic kitchen or on a ranch. It is perfect for country-style eateries, or restaurants with a wholesome, natural theme. Choose from a wide range of finishes or have the wood stain customized. The seat is available in wood, padded vinyl, or padded fabric. This classic, all-American chair would suit both casual and elegant establishments.

Ladder Back Wood Restaurant Chair With Arms

Choose from a range of finishes and select a wooden, vinyl padded, or fabric padded seat. This solid wood ladder back chair is an American classic. It is made with solid wood and top-quality finishes. There are matching bar stools and chairs without arms available in the same style. Similar wooden chairs with arms, but with a different design include the Premium US Made Duna Restaurant Chair With Arms, the Tiffany Wood Chair, and the Leonardo Wood Chair.

Premium Padded Back Wood Chair With Arms

This chair would be at home in an elegant lounge or classic restaurant with warm upscale finishings. It has a padded back (fabric or vinyl) and a padded seat (fabric or vinyl) although you could opt for the wooden seat and back. This chair will bring a level of sophistication to any restaurant. These chairs are extremely solid and built to last. There are matching bar stools and most importantly, they are extremely comfortable.

Best Rattan Chairs With Armrests

Black Rattan Aluminum Chair

The clean lines of this chair’s silver aluminum frame and black faux rattan seat and back make it both elegant and practical. Not only is it comfortable, but it is suitable for outdoor restaurants, and it is stackable. The chair is easy to maintain, weatherproof, and stain-resistant. A similar chair with a slightly different style is the Double Tube Aluminum And Rattan Patio Chair which has a silver frame and natural-colored faux rattan.

Dark Brown Rattan Aluminum Chair With Cherry Frame Finish

Give your eatery comfortable, solid chairs that suit your decor with a durable aluminum frame that looks like crafted cherry wood and a dark brown faux rattan seat and back. This lightweight chair is perfect for outdoor seating and will suit relaxed eateries with warm decor. These chairs can be stacked 6 high. A similar chair with a slightly different design is the Dark Brown Rattan Chair With Bamboo Look Aluminum Frame which is perfect for coffee shops and can be stacked 9 high.

Aluminum Bamboo Cane Arm Chair

The aluminum frame of this elegant chair has a walnut-colored hand-rubbed bamboo finish. The double tube frame makes the chair feel and look solid and substantial. The seat and back are woven red and cream faux rattan. This chair is waterproof, rustproof, lightweight, and can stack 12 high. It is perfect for indoor or outdoor seating and has an elegant, expensive look for such a reasonably priced chair.

These are only a few of the choices available when you’re looking for restaurant chairs with armrests. And you can always combine a few chairs with armrests with chairs without arms or even bar stools. These chairs can be customized to suit your restaurant decor, so consult with an expert today.

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- by Matt Watts