A Multi-Functional Property by Nitzan Horowitz

This multi-functional property located in Israel has been designed in 2020 by Nitzan Horowitz.

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This property, owned by a globetrotting couple in their 40s, is located in an old but well looked after the apartment building in the Sharon region. The couple, who have solid knowledge and appreciation of art, music, and international cuisine, wished to avoid the standard design in favor of an all-senses living experience.

The apartment underwent a complete revamp: all space planning and utilities were changed. The apartment was originally a four-bedroom property, but during the renovation one of the rooms was opened up completely. In its place, Designer Nitzan Horowitz planned a multi-functional room that combines a working space as well as an art and entertainment leisure corner for music, multimedia, reading, and much more.

The apartment is very unconventional from a conceptual perspective. The owners wanted to think outside the box and redefine the meaning of the property. The main living area was opened to create a sense of space while each corner of the property creates a different experience in which different vibes can be sensed. One of the ways designer Horowitz achieved this was with the use of raw materials such as unrefined wood, an exposed concrete ceiling, and other elements that together create a sense of balance and equilibrium throughout the apartment.

The result can be likened to a rich dish, fascinating and abundant in elements where the diners are unsure what to start with first. The overall experience is stunning, sensual, and multi-sensory: the vocal sensation changes, the light hits each area at a different angle and the materials are interesting, resulting in a very unusual space.

Upon entry, we are exposed to a space that is open on one side and is gradually revealed on the other. We created a visually extended entrance hall that is defined by a storage cupboard with a mirrored facade that allows the outdoor foliage and the natural light to be seen from each corner of the living space.

Exposed pipes run through the width and length of the ceiling and visible systems were fitted with the idea of creating a natural, transparent, and nonchalant look.

The kitchen sits at the heart of the living space. The couple is culinary fan and entertains often. In the center of the space is a large 4.5-meter island with a black facade combined with textures and materials that complement it and the extractor fan is a piece that resembles a jewel. The owners are avid coffee connoisseurs and as such a designated sophisticated coffee area was created. The short pause between the coffee area and the rest of the kitchen has benefited the long kitchen by creating a sense of more balanced proportions.

The lounge is located across from the kitchen and encapsulates the narrative of the apartment by displaying the connection between various materials that can be seen throughout the rest of the property. For example, the wall cladding in the lounge repeats itself in the bathroom but in a slight variation that creates a different experience. The materials used in the bathroom were also combined in an aesthetic and authentic manner that is free from pretentiousness. The leather couch and armchair, stainless steel tables, and unusually large old oak fishbone parquet floors all come together to create a space of different proportions.

The multi-functional room is the focal point that connects the living space and the bedrooms and serves both. Oak veneer furniture combined with metal was chosen for the room and the living space. A glass partition separates the room across the middle and defines its various functionalities whilst its outward facade is used as a utility cupboard. The clear glass wall creates optimal partitioning and an intimate feel at the same time.

An additional home office is in the private living quarters as well as a bedroom with black glass wardrobes that make the space appear bigger than its true size. Everything is open and exposed, a precise and appropriate concept for a couple in an attentive and respectful relationship. The parquet covers the room except for the bathing area, which was tiled and cladded in extra-large concrete-like granite tiles (1.6/3.2 m).

Photography courtesy of Nitzan Horowitz

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- by Matt Watts