Common HVAC Mistakes to Avoid

The demand for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems is rising, with more homeowners embracing the need for indoor air and temperature comfort. While modern HVAC units are more efficient than traditional models, the performance of these units solely relies on proper installation and maintenance. Be wary of the following mistakes when handling these expensive and energy-hungry household appliances.

1. Hiring an inexperienced installer

The importance of choosing a reliable and experienced HVAC Cincinnati installation contractor shouldn’t be underestimated. It is best to prioritize checking the team’s experience and skill level to ensure that your system is installed perfectly without errors.

Unfortunately, the increasing demand for HVAC units has brought along many self-proclaimed HVAC contractors, making it difficult for homeowners to find the right experts. However, conducting a diligent background check can help you find a good company to work with.

2. Choosing an improperly sized HVAC unit

Most people also ignore the importance of checking the unit’s measurements and dimensions. Buying the wrong HVAC system can lead to several problems. For starters, the notion that a big HVAC unit performs better isn’t always true. You should pay close attention to the unit’s size and shop here for one that fits your home.

A small air conditioning unit may not satisfy your home’s energy demands. The unit will have to run longer and work harder to warm/cool your house. Overworking your unit leads to more energy consumption and shortens the system’s lifespan. On the other hand, an oversized HVAC won’t control indoor humidity effectively, which can lead to mold problems. You will also have to switch the system on and off in cycles, which stresses the unit.

3. Poor air distribution network

Working with air conditioner service experts ensures that the systems’ duct network is designed correctly. The effectiveness and functionality of HVAC units highly depend on the ductwork.

While the unit does the hard work of warming or cooling indoor air, the duct system is responsible for distributing hot or cold air throughout the house.

You should ensure that this air distribution network doesn’t leak. The ductwork should also be compatible with the HVAC unit. This is another benefit of working with professionals. HVAC experts will determine if your duct system suits your HVAC system’s parameters. Other common mistakes homeowners should avoid include:

● Failing to repair leaks – Air leaks caused by cracks and gaps can overwork your HVAC unit. You should hire professionals to inspect and repair any leaks resulting from the ductwork, attic, or other parts of your home. This improves the units’ operation and maintains
constant temperatures in the building.

● Ignoring routine maintenance – Regular maintenance is crucial for the optimal functioning of HVAC units. You should schedule professional maintenance annually or every few months to eliminate common system issues and ensure that the system is in good condition.

● Attempting to repair the unit yourself – While you may want to save on costs, you shouldn’t attempt to repair the unit yourself. This can worsen the existing issues, especially if you aren’t trained.

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HVAC systems are important installations in your home. They maintain comfortable temperatures and improve indoor air quality. However, small mistakes during installation or maintenance can impede this system’s efficiency. Working with professional heating companies is recommended.

- by Matt Watts