Boost Energy Efficiency with These 5 Green Home Improvements

Earth is the only plant we have (despite the efforts of prominent tech billionaires), and we haven’t been very kind to it. However, with the effects of climate change looming over the world, society (on an individual level at least) is trying to do whatever it can to lower its impact by making a few green home improvements.

If you’re hoping to lessen your impact on the climate, a few home improvements can help boost your home’s energy efficiency.

Energy audit

Having an energy audit performed on your home is the first step toward making eco-friendly home improvements. A professional energy assessor will come out to your home and pinpoint the problem areas in your home. Then, they’ll go through your home, room by room, run airflow tests and do thermographic scanning. They’ll also ask you questions about your daily activities and energy usage, and they may even ask to see your energy bills. They’ll have some recommendations for improving your home’s energy efficiency by the time they are done.

Upgrade thermostat

We don’t immediately think of our thermostat when we think of energy efficiency. However, it’s an incredibly easy fix, and it can make a world of difference. Updating your thermostat to a smart thermostat (it doesn’t even have to be the kind that connects to your smartphone) gives you better control over your home’s temperature and ultimately consumes energy. You can program the thermostat to turn on or off at a specific time, set the temperature, and more.

Keep in mind as part of your efficiency the cost of your appliances and fixing them. With home warranties from 2-10 HBW your home is covered for a lot of things, including the major appliances, smart devices embedded in the home (like a smart thermostat). So as you upgrade your home for efficiency keep in mind you want insurance just in case something breaks it won’t break the budget to fix it.

Upgrading appliances

Folks who are selling their homes may not want to drop a few thousand dollars on new appliances, but it’s well worth it in the long run. Not only will EnergyStar certified appliances increase your home’s value (you can see by how much if you order a free appraisal), but it’ll lower your energy bill as well.

Boost Energy Efficiency with These 5 Green Home Improvements - 3

Replace windows and doors

This is one of the more expensive improvements you can do, but it’s well worth the investment in curb appeal, energy savings, and appealing to buyers. In addition, new windows and doors are ideal for homes where there’s excessive noise because the double or triple-pane glass can block out those disturbances.

Caulking and insulation

Unless your home is properly insulated, it’s probably wasting a lot of energy due to air leakage around windows, doors, heating vents, outlets, and so on. Handy DIYers can seal up air leaks with nothing more than a few tubes of caulk and a caulking gun. With these in tow, the homeowner can go around the house and seal up cracks around the electrical outlets/switches, vents, doors, and windows.
To improve your home’s insulation, you may need a general contractor’s help because it can be a bigger project than you expected – this is particularly true if you’re using foam insulation. However, when the insulation is in place, the ambient temperature throughout the house will be regulated better.

Home improvements run the gamut, but when it comes to trying to reduce your carbon footprint, these are just a few options that can be done relatively easily. Plus, they’re a great place to start!

- by Matt Watts