Simple Home Security Tips You Must Not Miss

The top priority for any homeowner is to keep their family safe all the time. Safety starts with feeling safe and comfortable in your house. In the old days, all you had to do was to make sure your door and windows were secured to prevent theft. Unfortunately, today’s thieves have better tools and gadgets to break into any house. Therefore, you must be prepared for the worst to keep your family and possessions safe from sneaky hands. Here are some home security tips that will improve your house’s safety against any attacks.

Add Lights Outside the House

Houses with a dark yard or landscape are an invitation for vandals, thieves, and other criminals to take advantage of. Eliminating hiding spots for criminals will discourage them from trying to steal your things. Install outdoor lights and place them around any entrance to your home such as pathways, the garage, front and back yards, and any spot criminals can hide. If you have the budget, you can get motion-activated lights and smart light bulbs that will turn on when it gets dark. There are solar-powered lights that will save energy and won’t make your electricity bill higher.

Reinforce Sliding Doors

One of the vulnerable spots in any house is its sliding doors. Sliding doors on patios and decks are easy to pick and even a strong pull can break the lock and grant access to thieves. You don’t have to buy extra locks as you can put a piece of wood, a broomstick, or a bar in the sliding door track to add extra security measures. However, if you want a reliable method for home security, you can install extra strong locks that are installed on the top or the bottom of the sliding door.

Install a Security System

Security systems are a guaranteed thieves deterrent as they won’t risk breaking into a house with a home alarm. Installing a security system may also reduce your home insurance premium, so contact your insurance company to check if you qualify for a premium reduction. There are a lot of security system types for every budget and with different levels of protection. If you are not sure which one to pick, find the right security system at, as they give reviews and comparisons between different systems. In any case, you must engage your alarm at all times when you are not home or even if you are busy doing something at home as some thieves can use this moment to steal something from another room.

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Avoid Social Media Oversharing

A simple post about your home can make you vulnerable to theft. Posting about going on a vacation is an opportunity for thieves to break into your house. Sharing your address or a photo with your address plaque in comments or invites will alert thieves to your place and they have the patience to wait for the right moment to steal your valuables. Additionally, don’t publicize that you made an expensive purchase such as TVs, jewelry, or any expensive possessions as you put a target on your back for thieves.

Get a Safe

In some cases, no matter how many security measures we have applied, thieves find a way to get inside the house. However, you still can protect your valuable possessions such as money, jewelry, important documents, and sentimental objects in an immovable safe. To add an extra layer of protection, you can hide the safe somewhere so it won’t be easy finding it. Make sure the safe has multiple locks, big enough to fit all your valuables, and is fire-resistant and waterproof in case of accidents.

Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

As mentioned earlier, thieves have different tools to steal anything from you. Your Wi-Fi network can give access to your personal and financial information if it’s not secured properly. If you have a smart security system or use smart devices around your home, your network can make your house vulnerable to theft. To protect your Wi-Fi network from hackers, you should improve the security of your wireless router, use a firewall, install antivirus and antimalware, and use strong passwords for all of your personal accounts and devices.

These simple yet effective tips will improve your home security considerably. When it comes to the safety of your family and possessions, you should invest in any way that will keep them safe. Refrain from sharing personal information on social media that can put you in danger and secure your house with sufficient lighting, sliding door locks, and a reliable home security system.

- by Matt Watts