Four Sixty Five by Dalit Lilienthal

Four Sixty Five is a modern home located in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed in 2022 by Dalit Lilienthal.

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A complete transformation of a 65 SQM apartment located in a residential building in Tel Aviv. The apartment had never been renovated. Facing the front was a very narrow living space adjacent to a small bedroom, the kitchen was in a separate room, and there was just one bathroom with a separate toilet. It was apparent that a new layout had to be created.

The brief was essentially optimizing the space and creating good solutions answering every need. The client, a family with two sons, wished for a spacious living, a large enough kitchen and dining for their daily gatherings. The family love to cook and entertain so the space had to accommodate all practical needs and be very comfortable. The dining table is their number-one space, it is a constant place for get-togethers. It is used for eating, doing homework, and friendly meetings. The table can comfortably fit six people, the bench serves for extra seating and when entertaining a larger group the table is extendable. Additional folding chairs are easily brought out from the large storage near the entrance.

The client wanted the two boys to be in one bedroom but to enable two separate rooms in the future. We designed a large bedroom for the boys that can be easily split into two in the future by adding a wall or partition, each room having their own door and window.

The new layout has been completely reconfigured creating a spacious living dining kitchen space, separating private and public areas. We also added a private bathroom for the couple, in addition to the main bathroom space.

Entering the apartment there is an obvious sense of spaciousness. Natural light penetrates through, the viewpoint extends outwards through the large windows onto the urban view while inside a beautiful tranquil space is revealed.

We created the hallway as wide as possible so that it becomes a space of its own. It allows for a continuous playing area for the kids, and when their rooms are open the space becomes even larger. Alternatively, this space is also intended for the couple who enjoy practicing yoga.

Using the same flooring throughout the entire apartment, uninterrupted, allows a pleasant flow between functions.

A geometric linear play with grids and shapes of different materials seen throughout the apartment in the carpentry, kitchen and bathroom tiles, white painted concrete blocks and fluted glass, all add texture and contribute to a sense of lightness and playfulness. Together with a strong concept of simplicity and a monochromatic palette we chose birch wood to define every space in this apartment. A large six metre long kitchen and seating element in the public space, a storage unit in the main bathroom and a small single carpentry reference in the master bedroom, all adding warmth and coziness. All carpentry was custom made by the studio creating enough storage solutions throughout.

Photography courtesy of Dalit Lilienthal

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- by Matt Watts