From the US to TLV by Noa Kuperman

From the US to TLV is a minimalist apartment located in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed by Noa Kuperman.

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This young couple and their two children decided to immigrate to Israel during the Corona pandemic, for Zionist reasons. They purchased a brand-new property in the old north side of Tel-Aviv and contracted the services of Noa Kuperman, an interior designer, to liven up and add character to the apartment.

The couple wanted a minimalist and well-organized property to avoid a cluttered home. “I really related to this request, because the way I work encourages order”, explains Kuperman. The couple also asked for a home that will reflect their character, one of calm and serenity. As such, the planning and design concepts were minimalist and zen-like, with less decorative elements, more storage solutions and usage of calming colors and materials throughout the property, such as wood and shades of beige.

The most dominant element in the property is a Montblanc Oak Italian parquet from Listone Giordano, of the highest quality and with a matt finish.

The chosen parquet serves as a clean and unique backdrop for the family home, exuding a natural and organic feel throughout the property.

The property layout was changed according to the couple’s needs and requests. The original plan included a guest toilet, utility room and small nursery. The couple wanted to enlarge the nursery and create a central bathroom, thus the nursery grew at the expense of the guest toilets and utility room. One big bathroom space was created with a guest toilet, ample hidden storage that conceals the washing machine & dryer, and laundry drawers dedicated to whites, darks and colors. The layout of the kitchen and the lounge was completely changed too, including the direction that the seating area faces.

The first space that can be seen upon entry to the property is the kitchen and the dining area. The kitchen was designed with two concept doors that open up and when they are closed, hide a worktop equipped with a range of kitchen utensils and appliances. This was planned in line with the minimalist theme, allowing the owners to conceal the items when these are not in use.

A 3.2-meter-long island and sink made of Dekton were fitted in the kitchen. An integrated fridge was fitted for a minimalistic and harmonious feel, and the extractor fan was fitted as an integral part of the stove.

Handmade bar stools compliment the island and give the space an artistic and natural feel. The dining table, a “Taj Mahal” model made of marble, is a true gem in the dining area, and was produced in Israel.

Further along the space is the lounge that faces a new direction. The main lounge wall is covered in wood and is used as a large storage space for items such as family albums, games and books alongside a unit with liqueurs and an advanced smart-home electrical system, managed by smart switches and a phone app.

In the new layout, the back of the seating area is exposed and visible. As a result, a luxurious seating system was purchased, and a bench that enriches the space was attached to it allowing for additional seating behind it.

The bench, which is the jewel of the lounge’s crown, corresponds with the bar stools and was also handmade by an Israeli artist.

The minimalist theme continues through the lounge where everything is concealed and an exit leads from the lounge to a terrace with fishbone beige marble flooring.

The guest bathroom is used as the main bathroom, and is fitted with a minimalist shower, and a cupboard in a similar shade to the floor, that keeps the space tidy. Thin 2.8 X 1.2 meters tiles were used for the walls, creating a clean space, and the mirrors were fitted with led lighting.

The nursery includes two cupboards and a study desk at its center and an art piece titled “Always Believe” was hung on the wall. The piece deals with self-belief and was created by the artist during a period when he was fighting for recognition in the art world.

The master bedroom overlooks the beautiful garden and is also home to Zohar Yosefian’s artwork “A Dahlia in three colors” – a 3D piece that changes color depending on the angle.

The safe room was converted into a walk-in wardrobe with a home office corner at the end of it. A funky shoe bench was fitted in the wardrobe creating additional storage space.

Photography courtesy of Noa Kuperman

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- by Matt Watts