6 Design Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look and Feel Luxurious

Your bathroom is one of the places where you can have some time to pamper yourself. You can take a warm bath or practice a skincare routine after a long day to relieve stress and soothe your body.

But, if the bathroom’s ambiance is unappealing, you may not enjoy the experience. You may only get stressed seeing the state of the room every time you’re inside. So, it may be a great idea to elevate it and make it look and feel luxurious.

If you don’t have an idea on how to design it, you can consider the following tips:

Consider Your Bathroom Layout

You have many options when designing your bathroom. You can pick which items or accessories to use for your space to improve it. But you should consider the bathroom layout before you make any changes.

Some luxurious designs you prefer may not be practical to execute if the room’s space isn’t compatible with them. For instance, adding bulky cabinets beneath the sink or a large bathtub may take up too much space if your bathroom is small.
So, you must make a design that complements space. This way, you can make it look and feel elegant without sacrificing function. It’s not surprising then that a company like Shepel says build a plan with your taste and room layout in mind before construction. Then, you can pick essential bathroom features like the sink, toilet, and shower.

Add Cabinets Or Shelves

One effective way to improve a home area is by adding storage space like shelves or cabinets. You can add them to make a functional and high-quality room. If you prefer a more luxurious appeal, you can select shelves or cabinets that complement other elements of your bathroom. For instance, adding wooden storage pieces may be a great idea to create sophisticated contrast if you have monochrome walls. Alternatively, you may opt to match the furniture’s colors to your floor and walls if you prefer a uniform look.

When adding storage space, you must choose the right size and materials. It would also be ideal if you put it strategically to prevent inconveniences. After all, it makes the space appear cramped if it’s blocking the way. For instance, a smaller sink cabinet may be more suitable if you have a narrow bathroom. This way, you have enough room to move around without bumping into furniture.

Utilize Lines

Clean and sleek lines can make a room appear more elegant. They create an organized and sophisticated look, which may be a great design choice for your bathroom.

You can add lines to your room design by installing modern pieces with clean-cut edges or using tiles on your floor. For instance, you can install a counter with prominent edges to make the bathroom feel luxurious. To maintain the same aesthetic throughout your bathroom, pick pieces with similar features.

If you want more visible and clean lines, using square tiles for your bathroom is a great idea. Their symmetry will add dimension to the space and make it appear more balanced.

Install A Mirror

A luxurious bathroom shouldn’t feel cramped or cluttered. However, it can be challenging to free up space if you have limitations when remodeling. For instance, if you can’t expand the room, you may need to find other ways to make it look bigger.
Fortunately, there are ways you can create an illusion of a more spacious bathroom. One of these is installing a large mirror on your walls. The reflection you see whenever you enter the room will capture your attention and make it seem bigger.

You can put an elegant mirror above your sink if you want to feel luxurious when doing your routine. Seeing your reflection in a sleek bathroom will make you feel like you’re getting ready in a high-end space.

Place Clean Towels

You can make your home bathroom feel like a luxurious space by adding small details you commonly find in spas or hotels. For instance, placing clean and folded towels can elevate its ambiance and make you enjoy your personal time. Additionally, it’s a convenient addition to the room.

If you have free shelves, you can place a few bath towels on them. This way, you won’t need to leave the bathroom whenever you need one. Alternatively, you can install a towel bar near the shower or tub so that you can hang your towel whenever you take a bath.

When choosing which towels to put in your bathroom, picking ones in the same color is ideal. This way, they’ll look organized once you add them to the space.

Choose The Right Lighting

The lighting of your bathroom can significantly change its appeal. For instance, it may look small and stuffy if it’s too dark. On the other hand, a bright space looks more inviting and spacious.

So, if you wish to feel luxurious when spending time inside your bathroom, you should pick lighting that would enhance the space. For instance, if you have darker walls or black bathroom accessories, you can use warm lighting to accentuate them. On the other hand, utilizing natural light and white illumination may be a great choice if you want a bright room.

Final Thoughts

Creating a sophisticated bathroom is manageable if you know where to start. You can begin by creating a design that suits the room’s layout. You may also add elements like chic storage items or a large mirror to enhance the space’s appeal. Overall, you have various options to choose from when designing a luxurious bathroom. So, don’t hesitate to try them out.

- by Matt Watts