The Akira Abode by Intento Architects

Akira Abode is a luxurious yet cosy apartment in Navi Mumbai, India, designed by Intento Architects in 2022.

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A cosy Mumbai home that’s a clever manifestation of the client’s personality

Boasting a backdrop of stunning landscapes, the Akira Abode is a great example of a minimal and cosy home that brings nature inside the home. Designed as a modern luxury abode, it accommodates a highly functional yet aesthetically pleasing design.

The client desired a modern and minimal home, which feels more open and uncluttered. The 1500-square-foot abode comprises three bedrooms, besides living and dining areas, that spread seamlessly through the kitchen and a balcony. Clean lines and a muted colour scheme define this home that is tastefully elegant, practical and welcoming. The furnishings and decor add a pop of vibrancy and break the monotony of the colour palette.

The home interiors are evocative of the client’s personality. The house narrates a flow where the overall interior grammar resonates with a harmonious balance. The design aesthetic was not too loud in terms of colour and material palette. The home showcases a subdued colourway, playing primarily with shades of grey and beige. It uses a minimal material palette of three- marble, wood and glass. The muted tones are maintained even in the kid’s room to achieve a coherent feel in the home.

This luxury home’s living and dining area is a flawless bright and airy space with thoughtfully curated furniture and decor pieces. The living area features a flexible furniture layout aided by magnetic lighting that runs along the ceiling. The marble embellishment on the wall acts as an abstract artwork that adorns the space. The circular niche backed by wooden wall panels holds unique decor pieces that spruce up the ambience. The partition wall with victorian mouldings that segments the dining from the living room, brings a neo-classical touch to the home. The dining area comprises a six-person, custom-made dining table with a marble table top and a striking vignette. It flows into a contemporary kitchen with matte white cabinets, a grey backsplash, marble countertops, and state-of-the-art appliances. As the family loves to cook, the kitchen also has ample storage.

The bedrooms are simple yet elegant. The master bedroom is an inviting space, which showcases a symmetric design and a grey colour palette. The decorative 3D wall covering behind the marble framework takes the role of bedrest and adds a contrast to the neutral palette. The victorian walls with a wooden panel that hides the conduits of the TV unit bring in a calm and clean look.

The parent’s bedroom on the other hand hosts a simple and stylish design. The bedroom’s neutral backdrop is balanced with beige marbles and accent tables that also add a touch of elegance. The large floor-ceiling window in the bedroom opens to the picturesque landscape that surrounds the house. The kids’ bedroom is a fun yet practical space, which has its own character but still showcases the minimalist muted theme of the home. It houses two beds connected with smooth bed rest and a Chester draw. This light-filled bedroom features colourful cartoonish couches, animal-themed bedcovers and cosy bed linen. The textured wall also adds to the playful character of this bedroom. It features a study area with modern and minimal furnishings, attuned to the rest of the house.

Completing the tour of this luxury abode is the balcony that extends from the living area. The living area features a cosy corner with a TV unit recessed in a fluted wall that extends to the balcony. Sitting on comfortable armchairs, one could relax while sipping a beverage and soaking in the beauty of the green surroundings. The eclectic decors and planters add to the peaceful ambience of the balcony.

It is always good to reflect the client’s personality while designing a home, without seeking typical trends that revolve around the design world. In the end, it is all about loving what you have created. While it is significant to learn from the trends and materials, it is also essential to translate them to fulfil the client’s needs.

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- by Matt Watts