Living Room Remodel Tips to Design Your Perfect Space

The living room is the most visited place in your home. It does showcase not only your culture but also expresses your affinities. Therefore, it is essential to consider furniture, flooring, and decoration when decorating or remodeling your living room to create comfort and intimacy.

It is important to note that even if you plan to move to a new place, a mild renovation can significantly increase your equity. You might enjoy a significant increase in rental income. You may even want higher bids from potential buyers and be able to sell your house quickly through platforms like RealAdvisor.

So here we are, with a wide variety of classic, elegant, and contemporary designs, along with some color preferences and ideas for you to adopt. We have provided some value-added design tips to create a cozy atmosphere where you can relax after work or enjoy a cup of coffee with your peers.

Renovating ideas for your living room

View your room with a clean slate

It is hard to see past all the stuff and imagine a new design. Especially when your space is chock-full of furniture, try giving it a fresh start. Yes, we kicked off with a hustle. But this will help you visualize the true potential of your space. For this, use painter’s tape to play as layout and dimension. From there on, you can simply move those tapes around until you come across a structure that feels right.

Try a mix of dark and light

Colors can do wonders! A perfect mix of dark and light colors can create a dynamic look for your living room with balance and depth. Avoid using very bright colors as this may make the space unapproachable as it might feel a bit too “clean.” At the same time, it can be turned into a cave when it’s all dark. Hence, we can say that including a bit of white and some touch of black can reward a place with a relaxing sensation.

Display artwork

Go ahead, decorate your walls, and inject your style into your living area. “Art is a great opportunity for texture,” Kase notes. Keep in mind that you are trying to achieve a meaningful look. And so, it’s important to know how to hang art correctly. Before you proceed with shopping, try visualizing the final look. Hanging art over your couch might be a good idea and will add dimension to your place if it’s at least two-thirds the size of your couch. For smaller pieces, it is essential that they feel connected and should be placed about 8 to 10 inches above your furniture.

Add accent

Accent pieces like pillows, artwork, or drapes can welcome texture in your home. They can tie together your living room’s aesthetic and complement its interior design if appropriately customized. Moreover, being small pieces, it’s unlikely for their texture to become overpowering. You can also customize them easily, from time to time, whenever you feel like achieving a different look.

Give it a woody touch

Accent and texture might not be enough without wood. A well-polished wood is often considered the top material to add warmth to a living room. You can use it as an LED unit supporting art pieces or maybe carved into a work of art itself. One can even use it as a wall panel, making your house feel more inviting and creating a cozy atmosphere.

Bring in some greens

Incorporating the touch of green is the way to go. Plants are perfect for adding finishing touches to your living room. If you are tight on budget and can’t invest in decoration, getting some plants is a good idea. Though inexpensive, if you select the right plants, they will thrive in your living room while adding warmth and texture to the space. You can also create a focal point by grouping them using stands of varying heights. Or to cover a corner that just feels a bit odd. They are great for decorating your space and enjoying the fresh air in a calm room.


The living room is usually where the entire family comes together to watch a movie or sit around. It is a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee when you return home after a hard day at work. It’s supposed to be comforting. Therefore, you should remember that the process should be fun. Going strictly for a perfect order should not be your priority. Instead, design a place that reflects the inner you. You wanted a place that was made to suit your needs and so should be comfortable for you.

- by Matt Watts