How Often Should You Paint Your Home’s Interior and Exterior?

Painting your home’s interior isn’t an easy task. However, it’s an excellent DIY venture that can increase your knowledge regarding painting. Nevertheless, most homeowners always ask this question whenever they think of repainting their interior: How often should they do so?

There isn’t a precise answer to this question since there are things to consider. For example, while painting experts can advise you to repaint your kitchen every three years, the choice to wait until then or do it sooner will depend on the nature of the paintwork. If the paint is still clean and on point after three years, there wouldn’t be a reason to repaint the space. However, if the walls are dirty and messy before three years, the right decision will be to repaint the walls before then.

Generally, whether to repaint your interior or not to depends on how the paintwork looks. Nevertheless, if you want your home’s interior to remain stunning, you can repaint your interior as frequently as you wish. Remember, when repainting your home, you should hire experienced professionals to ensure you get a beautiful finished project.

Living Room and Dining Room

Formal living and dining rooms don’t require frequent painting for some reason. First, these spaces aren’t regularly used. Secondly, they’re equipped with furniture preventing individuals from leaning on the walls. That said, most homeowners paint their living and dining rooms to improve their interior look rather than due to wear and tear.

Nevertheless, the furniture can scratch the paint, interfering with the integrity of your wall paint. Therefore, it’s essential to check the state of the painting and act accordingly. Generally, living and dining rooms should be repainted every five to seven years if the condition doesn’t call for sooner than this.


Regarding repainting bedrooms, it depends on whose bedroom it is. Adult bedrooms don’t require frequent repainting since they aren’t high-traffic; hence the likelihood of touching the walls is low. For this reason, the paint can last for over five years or more in an averagely-used adult bedroom.

For children’s bedrooms, the story is entirely different. These rooms are high-traffic areas, increasing the likelihood of parents and children touching the walls. Besides making the walls dirty, children play with objects that can scratch the walls, affecting the paint job. That said, it’s vital to ensure your children’s bedrooms are painted with high-quality paint to last longer. Nevertheless, even with high-quality paint, children’s bedroom walls are washed frequently; hence the repainting might be necessary after three to four years.


The kitchen is the heart of most homes. It’s where most people stop after they come home. This is the one space where you’ll spend the most time preparing a family meal and catching up with family and friends. That said, it’s agreeable that kitchens are the home’s most used spaces.

Due to everything that goes on in a kitchen, these rooms experience frequent wear and tear. Individuals touch the walls while children draw sketches on the same. On the other hand, oil, grease, and food particles splash on the walls, interfering with the paintwork.

Unfortunately, even if you use high-quality paint on your kitchen walls, you’ll still need to paint them more frequently than other rooms in your home. Averagely, a kitchen should be repainted every three to four years.


Bathrooms and laundry rooms fall under the same category. They’re all frequently used, increasing the chances of people touching the walls and making them dirty. This is even true when it comes to small bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Besides dirt, bathrooms and laundry rooms also experience high humidity and moisture. Therefore, the primary culprit affecting the paintwork in these rooms is high humidity. Since humidity affects the longevity of paintwork, bathrooms and laundry rooms should be painted after three to five years to maintain their look.

Other Areas in a Home

Besides the mentioned rooms, there are other areas in a home that require painting. These areas include ceilings, baseboards, trims, and hallways.

Regarding repainting ceilings, you don’t require doing so frequently. Ideally, ceilings should be painted at least once after ten years. On the other hand, baseboards and trims should be painted at least once in three years since they experience frequent touching and bumping.

Hallways and corridors also experience high traffic. That said, it’s common to spot dirt, dent, and other tears. To ensure these areas always look good, paint them at least once every two to three years.


That’s it! Each room in a home has a recommended period, after which repainting might be necessary. However, the paintwork’s nature can affect how sooner a particular room should be repainted. Personal preferences, such as changing the paint color, can also affect the frequency of repainting your interior.

- by Matt Watts