4 Things to Clean Before Summer

Summers are fast approaching. Many people can hardly wait to participate in summer activities like surfing, water sports, and sunbathing. Before you indulge in your summer hobbies, you must prepare for the season accordingly.

One thing most people do before the season starts is do a spring cleaning. It allows you to declutter your space and eliminate any insect infestations that may have made their homes in your house to seek shelter from the cold. Be thorough in your spring cleaning. Don’t spare any nook or cranny of your house. Here are a few areas you must deep clean for the approaching summer.

1. Air Vents

Summers in Australia are harsh, and facing the heat with an unserviced cooling unit is tough. Before the weather gets hotter, you must clean your air vents. For cleaning air vents, you must unscrew the grills and use a bristle brush to wipe them clean. You can purchase a cleaning situation to clean the grills or DIY a soapy solution. Let the grills dry in the sun. Be sure to clean the air duct using a high-powered vacuum to eliminate dust and debris. If the vents have mold and mildew, contact a professional cleaner to clear the air ducts. A well-functioning air vent will cool your summers, and you can continue your daily activities.

2. Drain Clogs

The best time to clean drains is before the summer approaches. When done right, cleaning drains is easy and quick. Pour boiling water down the drains and accompany it with baking soda, vinegar, and water. Ensure you add an equal amount of substances to the mix. Cover the drain for five to 10 minutes and pour boiling water down again. This process should allow the gutters to get unclogged and water to flow smoothly.

3. Closets

Over the past four to five months, you will have accumulated a lot of junk in your closet. Before the new season begins, empty your entire wardrobe and sort your clothes. Store the ones you will wear next season and donate the ones that do not suit your tastes or have defects. After clearing your closet, reorganize it to match your summer clothes. A well-organized wardrobe will clear your head and make it easier and faster to choose outfits in the morning.

4. Pool

Pools are essential for summer, but before the season starts, you must thoroughly clean them. Start by removing any debris that may have accumulated in the pool. Then brush algae and sediments off the pool walls and scoop them up with an automatic vacuum. You should also add chemicals like algaecides and sanitizers to kill algae and bacteria. Use a clarifier to clear the water’s color. You can purchase these chemicals from HY-CLOR. After adding the chemicals, keep the pump running to spread them evenly in the water. Clean the pool’s other components, such as the skimmer, filter, and pump. After so many months of no use, the parts can get debris trapped in them, which you must remove.


Summers are just around the corner, and you probably cannot wait to unwind in the warm weather. By cleaning and tidying beforehand, you can spend your summers without worrying about such technicalities and have an enjoyable daily life in the new season.

- by Matt Watts