Eco Meadows by Mini Design

Eco Meadows is a two-story terrace house located in Simpang Ampat, Penang, Malaysia, designed by Mini Design.

Eco Meadows by Mini Design - 1
Eco Meadows by Mini Design - 2
Eco Meadows by Mini Design - 3
Eco Meadows by Mini Design - 4
Eco Meadows by Mini Design - 5
Eco Meadows by Mini Design - 6
Eco Meadows by Mini Design - 7


Eco Meadows, the terrace house exudes a stately and graceful aura, one befitting royalty. Reminiscent of royal homes, the classic architecture of Eco Meadows etched with the embellishment of royal influence.

In order to blend with the royal influence, we use the style of Modern Classic style, which is the perfect blend of modern + traditional that is timeless! This style features the sleek, simple, contemporary lines of the modern design style paired with traditional furniture, finishes, and accessories to take what was “then” and make it “now”. The house owner have a light-hearted attitude towards life with an eye towards functional pieces and practicality. Color plays the core role in this style: greys, blacks, whites, and blue shades. We pair the more traditional & detailed furniture with a modern mirror and simple styling to introduce the modern and traditional mashup. The key is balance! The Modern Classic style has the epitomized aesthetic of modern interior design melded with the simplicity that the classic style brings, with clean and striking spaces that linger in our memory.

Photography by Wisual Studio

- by Matt Watts