Your Comprehensive Guide to the Most Popular Kitchen Design Styles

Have you given any thought to renovating your kitchen? If you are familiar with a range of styles, you will be able to choose the one that most appeals to you, best complements and enriches your overall home design, and will endure the longest if you pick it.

When you have knowledge of the many design styles, it not only helps you open your mind to the possibilities but also helps you narrow down the enormous sea of options that you have when picking stuff for your new design.

Every component, from the flooring to the faucets to the tiles, is available in a style that complements the aesthetic you have selected. In addition to the plan of your makeover, color, texture, and form are crucial factors to consider. A design professional may assist you in determining what satisfies your needs; nonetheless, you should choose a style that reflects your preferences and that will make you feel at ease in your own house daily. This post will go through the most common kitchen design styles.
– Traditional Kitchen Style
Traditional kitchens can be used to cook both formal and informal meals. As examples of architectural features, they include ornate millwork, arches, and furniture-style islands.

Traditional kitchen counters are often made of high-quality natural materials such as marble or wood. Cabinets are supported by a framework and often feature high panels.
Traditional kitchens are cozier and more inviting. They often use hardware with a vintage style or antique finishes. Traditional kitchen design styles that may represent cultural heritage include a French country kitchen and a Mediterranean kitchen.

– Transitional Kitchen Design Style
According to National Kitchen and Bath Association research, the transitional kitchen is the most popular kitchen style currently available. A transitional kitchen contains design elements from both traditional and contemporary designs. It features clean lines and neutral colors, providing a welcoming environment. It incorporates both man-made and natural elements, such as the quartz countertops and hardwood flooring seen in the example below. The transitional style blends the features of both classic and modern design, making it popular.
In transitional kitchen designs, Shaker-style cabinets are the most common. Shaker cabinets are distinguished by their simple hardware and recessed paneling on the doors. They are attractive to aficionados of both traditional and modern aesthetics due to their simple, clear lines and classic design.

Your Comprehensive Guide to the Most Popular Kitchen Design  Styles - 3

– Contemporary Kitchen Style
Contemporary kitchen design incorporates current trends as well as cutting-edge technology. The design is simple and uncluttered. In a modern kitchen, man-made, low-maintenance materials are widespread. Stainless steel, concrete, and glass are popular materials. Contemporary style is fluid, changing depending on what is in, what is out, and what is new.
Modern cabinets often lack frames and feature flat-paneled fronts and sides. The presence of strong horizontal lines is a distinguishing feature. The use of a few components in the design results in one that is both strong and beautiful. Modern color schemes follow the 60-30-10 guideline, which indicates that the dominant color should make up 60% of the palette, the secondary color 30%, and the accent color 10%.

Including Appliances in the Design

Whether your main style is Shaker or you like the streamlined beauty of modern-design kitchens, streamlined rooms are becoming increasingly fashionable.

Those days of eagerly embracing clutter and trinkets throughout your whole house are long gone. This includes the area in your kitchen! The equipment in your kitchen should be kept out of sight until you need it. This gives the sense that the whole space is more organized. Find creative ways to conceal your home appliances. For example, you may include cabinetry that, when opened, displays a hidden coffee or tea station. You can also employ integrated bin systems, which enable you to hide garbage cans behind cabinets.

Colorful Cabinets

The usage of streamlined cabinet doors or even doors without handles is a popular trend in cabinetry right now. However, rather than sticking to the subdued tones popular in modern and contemporary kitchen design, a growing number of people are embracing the use of color. Check out for more key information about kitchen cabinet refacing near San Diego.

People are now drawn to dark blues, greens, and even slate greys as the most popular colors. These colors are perfectly on trend in terms of other interior design styles.

If you enjoy the look of modern kitchens or even Shaker-style kitchens, you may want to add some bright colors to liven up the kitchen. These designs often complement the bright and colorful cupboards that are accessible.

- by Matt Watts