Make Your Home Easier to Clean with These Décor Tips

The decisions you make in designing, building, and decorating your home have a big impact on how difficult it is to clean your home. If you want to spend less time cleaning and more time appreciating the beauty of your home, then here are some tips to make cleaning a breeze.

Don’t Use Grout

Putting grout between the tiles holds them in place, but they can stay stable and secure without grout, if your tile installer knows what they are doing. Grout can be tough to clean, often attracting dust and grime and staining easily. After a while, some types of grouts just look untidy no matter how much you clean them. Then, when you do try to scrub at the grout, it can start to come loose or crumble. It may be better to leave out the grout and find another solution to keep your tiles secure.

If you must have grout between your tiles, consider using dark grout. This looks better for longer and hides dirt and stains well so they are less visible.

Get Rid of the Toilet Gap

When you determine where in the bathroom the toilet will go, it is best to leave no space at all between the toilet and the wall. The little bit of space that is often wedged between them makes for a very tough area to clean. Like the grout, this space will collect dust, dirt, and debris. Particles can get in there and make your bathroom smell as well, and it can be difficult to clean the space properly and get rid of unpleasant smells that originate there.

Use Paint That Is Easy to Clean

The kind of paint you use on our walls will determine how easy they are to clean. If you use paint with an eggshell finish, it looks classy and creates a surface that is simple to clean. You can use a tool like a Magic Eraser to wipe down the walls and they should wipe clean without any problem. If you plan ahead for the best kind of paint for your walls, choosing something that is simple to clean, you will save yourself plenty of work.

Eggshell finish isn’t the only option for walls that are easy to clean. You can also consider using satin, flat finish, and matte paint.

Close Up Your Shelves

Open shelving makes it easy to grab things from the shelves as you need them, but closed shelving is a better idea for easy cleaning. By enclosing your shelves in a cupboard, you make it much harder for dust and debris to get onto the shelves. You will not have to clean them as often, and you won’t have to clean the items on them as much either.
Cupboards are usually much easier to clean than shelves, because you likely won’t be storing anything on top of your cupboards. So, instead of having to move items off a shelf to dust regularly, you can just wipe the uncluttered surface of the cupboard. That’s so much simpler and will save you a lot of time in your cleaning.

Use Large Wall Décor

Small frames on the walls let you put a lot of items to hang, but those small things can be difficult to clean. It can take a long time to tidy them all, so think of how much easier and faster it would be if you were to hang up just a few large pictures.

By going with your wall décor, you will have fewer decorating decisions to make, and you will have fewer items to clean. This also helps you to create a less cluttered and tidier looking space.

Use the Flooring That’s Right for the Room

Each floor in your home should be considered separately when you are planning out your home or if you are building an addition. The flooring should be based on how much foot traffic the room will have. A living room that also functions as the entryway may be a high traffic area, so it makes sense to make the floor there to be hardwood or even polished stone so that it is easy to clean.

There is a reason the kitchen is usually a hard surface rather than carpeted. It is the combination of spill risks and high traffic in that room. If you take the same considerations in the other rooms of your house, you will have less cleaning to do. If you hire Seattle house cleaning, or professional cleaning for wherever you live, then you will be paying them less if you have floors that are easy and quick to clean.

Use Furniture with Storage

When picking out furniture, consider buying couches, tables, and chairs with drawers and shelving in them. These can be great places to store magazines, television remotes, books, and various other things you would normally keep on a coffee table or the arm of the chair. The storage makes your home look tidier, and it clears up some of the clutter that would get in the way of cleaning the room. You can use hidden storage compartments all over your home to put items out of the way and make the rooms look less cluttered.

Use Hanging Storage

The final tip we want to leave with you is to try hanging storage where it would be suitable. You can hang coats behind the front door, hang handbags on your bedroom door, hang keys beside the entryway door, and hang shelves up on the wall. This gives you more floor space and clears up the floors, making them much easier to clean. Imagine how simple it would be to vacuum and sweep when there is nothing blocking your path. You will be able to clean more thoroughly, without having to deal with dust that has built up on the racks and drawers that would otherwise clutter up the floor.

These are a few ways you can declutter your home and make it much easier to clean, for you or for professional maid services.

- by Matt Watts