Furrow by Stipfold

Located in Tbilisi, Georgia, Furrow is an apartment with a stunning monochromatic design. Created by Stipfold in 2022, this real estate features a minimalist design style with Calacatta marble as the dominant material, complemented by other materials in the same tone.

The common room offers a beautiful view of Vake Park and is bordered by stained glass windows and gray blinds. The furniture was carefully selected to complement the design concept, with marble-topped tables, leather armchairs and sofas, bar stools and various accessories throughout the apartment. A sleek sink designed by Stipfold also serves as a visually striking element in the bathroom. Artificial lighting is used to create various moods and atmospheres in the space.

Furrow is the perfect example of a simple yet stylish apartment located in the vibrant city of Tbilisi.

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About Furrow

Furrow: Minimalist Design Concept for Interior Design Project

This interior design project is characterized by a minimalist design concept, with a focus on a monochromatic color palette and a limited range of textures. Calacatta marble was the dominant material used, paired with complementary materials. In the common room, a natural stone wall with vertical linear carving serves to highlight the organic character of the material.

Sunny Views at Vake Park

The common room of the interior design project is bordered on two sides by stained glass windows, providing a view of Vake Park. The rays of the sun entering at different times add atmosphere to the space, while gray blinds offer protection from the sun’s glare.

Furniture Selection for Harmonious Atmosphere

When selecting furniture, the goal was to ensure the chosen pieces would harmonize with the overarching architectural concept. Brand furniture, with complementary materials and textures, was primarily chosen. Marble-topped tables were selected for the dining and TV areas, with similar leg designs featured on the master bedroom bed and sofa. The leather of the sofa was carefully picked to match the color of the wall, and dark leather elements of the sofa echo the leather of the armchair, dining room chairs, and bed. White items, such as bar stools, TV sets, and various accessories, provide striking visual accents throughout the apartment. In the bathroom, a sleek sink designed by STIPFOLD stands out against the dark background.

Moods and Atmospheres in Artificial Lighting

Artificial lighting is used to create various moods and atmospheres in the space. In the evening, illumination serves to imbue the space with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Photography by Giorgi Mamasakhlisi

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- by Matt Watts