DI Apartment: Maya Sheinberger’s Minimalist Family Haven

Step into the DI Apartment in Tel Aviv, a 150 sqm duplex masterpiece by Maya Sheinberger. Merging minimalist design with a warm, familial essence, this space showcases modern elegance and comfort.

Each material, from wood to stone, enriches the narrative, balancing sleek design with homely warmth. The apartment epitomizes functional luxury, seamlessly integrating family life with chic urban living, making it a paradigm of contemporary interior design in Israel’s vibrant heart.

Modern living room with large window overlooking patio.
Modern living room with sleek furniture and built-in wall shelving.
Modern patio design with wooden decking, outdoor furniture, and lush greenery.
Modern kitchen with wood accents, adjacent dining area, and minimalist decor.
Modern kitchen with island and bar stools, adjacent to a living area with a gray
Modern kitchen with white island, wooden stools, and pendant lighting.
Modern kitchen with dark wood cabinetry and marble countertops.
Modern living room with sleek furniture and built-in shelves.
Modern dining room with wooden table, pastel chairs, and abstract art.
Modern living room with a blue sofa, wooden stairs, and neutral decor.
Modern minimalist bedroom with white walls, wooden floor, and large window.
Modern minimalist bedroom with a white color scheme and natural wood accents.
Minimalist bedroom with a white palette, wooden floor, and a unique bench at
Modern minimalist bedroom with a large bed and built-in wardrobes.
Modern minimalist bathroom with grey tiles, wall-mounted toilet, and wooden vanity.
Modern minimalist bathroom with gray tiles and glass shower area.

About DI Apartment

Modern Minimalism Meets Family Warmth

In Tel Aviv’s heart, the 150 sqm (1,614 sqft) DI Apartment stands as a modern minimalist haven with a warm, familial touch. Designed by Maya Sheinberger, it exemplifies interior design artistry, where materials and space weave a compelling story.

A Symphony of Natural Materials

Wood, stone, and iron transcend mere materials in this home, emerging as key characters. They bridge sleek modernity and family warmth, adding depth and connection to each space. As guests step into the spacious 75 sqm (807 sqft) main floor, they’re welcomed by the expansive living area. Light natural oak parquet floors, radiating warmth and elegance, set an inviting, durable tone.

The kitchen, adorned with tall, dark smoked oak cabinets and a serene white island, becomes a design focal point. A unique hanging fixture, merging iron and wood, softly lights the space, highlighting textures and tones. The living area’s TV wall, a blend of intricate woodwork and stark white iron, doubles as an aesthetic and practical element, balancing open shelving with closed cabinets.

The master suite on this floor offers a tranquil retreat, with every detail catering to relaxation. Next to it, guest services ensure a luxurious experience for visitors. Floor-to-ceiling windows open to a lush yard, an urban oasis ideal for outdoor relaxation.

Discovering the Lower Floor’s Charms

Descending to the lower 75 sqm (807 sqft) level unveils more of the home’s charm. A cozy family space, perfect for movie nights, contrasts with the whimsical yet functional girls’ bedroom. A safe room, doubling as a study, provides a peaceful retreat.

Large windows and open layouts ensure a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, bathing each room in natural light. Despite the openness, the layout clearly demarcates areas for various activities, giving each family member their unique space.

In conclusion, Maya Sheinberger’s design for the DI Apartment is more than a living space; it’s a showcase of thoughtful interior design, blending modern aesthetics with familial comfort, and crafting memorable spaces for every corner.

Photography by Itay Benit

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- by Matt Watts