The Jewelry Box by Tzvia Kazayoff

In Ganei Tikva, Israel, The Jewelry Box apartment is a breathtaking manifestation of luxury and style, skillfully designed by Tzvia Kazayoff. In 2023, this stylish retreat transformed an unremarkable neighborhood into a symbol of beauty and inspiration. Through a blend of expert carpentry and customized furniture, it reflects the personal resilience and dreams of its owners, making it not just a living space but a local sensation that has captivated neighbors and visitors alike.

High-contrast modern living room with plush seating, shelving, and hardwood floor.
Spacious modern living room with large windows, plush gray furnishings, and a stylish TV display.
Luxurious open-concept living space with modern furnishings, herringbone wood flooring, and recessed lighting.
Sleek, modern kitchen with minimalist cabinetry, brass fittings, and cozy seating area.
Sleek, modern kitchen with built-in appliances, gray cabinetry, and stylish bar stools.
Sleek, minimalist shelving system with brass accents and wood surfaces, showcasing decorative objects.
A modern dining room with a round table, chairs, and built-in cabinetry. Elegant lighting fixtures accentuate the space.
Elegant bathroom featuring a large mirror with a curved frame, two pedestal sinks, and sleek shelving.
Cozy bedroom with plush bedding, wood tones, and recessed lighting creating a tranquil atmosphere.
Minimalist bedroom with wooden furniture, textured curtains, and modern lighting fixtures.
Minimalist bedroom design featuring wooden and glass accents, with an ensuite bathroom.
A modern bathroom with a sleek marble vanity, recessed lighting, and a glass shower enclosure.
Sleek, modern bedroom with built-in closets, herringbone flooring, and an open layout.
Monochrome marble toilet nook with minimalist fixture and recessed lighting details.
Elegant contemporary living space with modern furniture, large windows, and greenery.

About Jewelry Box

In 2023, “The Jewelry Box” apartment, inspired by its owner’s love for jewelry, emerged as a beacon of creativity and determination in the understated Ganei Tikva neighborhood. This project turned a simple area into a striking retreat.

Dreams and Resilience

Influenced deeply by their family’s history of trauma, a couple decided to fully embrace life. Despite the humble location, they committed to creating their dream home. The wife, a skilled jewelry designer, infused her creative flair into every corner of their residence.

Community Roots

The couple opted to renovate their existing home in Ganei Tikva, drawn by strong community bonds. Their children went to the local high school, and they enjoyed deep-rooted relationships with neighbors, doctors, and local shop owners. They stripped the apartment to its basics, preserving only the mandatory Israeli security room, known locally as the ‘mammad,’ thus setting the stage for their envisioned space.

Innovative Design

A key feature in “The Jewelry Box” is the rounded walls in common areas, fostering a seamless and united feel throughout the apartment. This choice avoided the awkward divisions sharp lines and edges could have caused.

Local Sensation

Ganei Tikva, known for its quiet, residential charm, rarely sees apartments as luxurious and stylish as “The Jewelry Box.” The neighbors, captivated by the transformation, frequently visited, turning the apartment into a local highlight.

Artistic Craftsmanship

“The Jewelry Box” showcases meticulous carpentry, smooth round edges, and subtle brass details that enhance its sophisticated appeal. Every furniture piece was custom-made to align with the apartment’s rounded design ethos.

Enduring Beauty

“My home is my fortress and my refuge,” the couple proudly states. In Ganei Tikva, “The Jewelry Box” does more than just reflect the couple’s journey; it inspires the community, standing as a symbol that beauty and dreams can thrive even in the most unexpected places.

Photography by Elad Gonen

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- by Matt Watts