Say Goodbye to Clutter: Discover the Best Storage Solutions for Your Home and Garden

Keeping your home clutter free can be a constant battle and storage space always seems to be lacking. But there are ways of keeping your home tidy while maximising your living space.

Bike mount

Bikes are great for our health and are an environmentally friendly way to get about but there’s no denying that they are bulky objects in the home. You may not have storage in the form of a garage or shed or just prefer to have your expensive bike safely inside the house.

If so, a bike mount is the best storage solution. It means you can store your bike securely and out of the way so you’re not forever manoeuvring around it in the hallway.

Underbed storage

As the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, why not take advantage and use your bed as a storage option? Many beds come with drawers while others can be lifted to access the whole area underneath. Even those without built-in storage can provide somewhere to store items in appropriate under-bed storage containers.

Maximise the space by using vacuum storage bags. Not only does this allow you to store bulky items in small spaces but it also protects your clothes and bedlinen whilst it is in storage.

Garden shed

For all your gardening equipment and tools and for storing garden furniture and bikes, a garden shed is a must-have for most homeowners. If you don’t have a shed or yours is in bad repair you should consider installing one to expand your storage options.

To prolong its life and keep it stable, it’s important to fit a shed onto a concrete base. The concrete shed base cost is calculated by the cubic metre so how much you pay will depend on how big your shed will be. Once your shed is in place, you can begin planning your storage ideas.


If you find it hard to stay organised in the garage or shed then pegboard might be the solution that you have been missing. By fitting this handy board to a frame on one or two of your garage or shed walls, you can hang up all your small tools and gardening equipment using hooks.

As well as keeping the area tidy, and therefore safer, using pegboards for tools allows you to find what you are looking for at a glance. No more hunting through boxes and on crowded work benches for that spanner or trowel.

Drawer organisers

Quite often it’s not that we don’t have enough storage space, it’s just that we’re not using it efficiently and effectively. Drawer organisers can help you find what you need quickly without rifling through every drawer in the house and getting frustrated in the process.

Used in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, home office, garage or shed there’s no limit to how much these simple devices can help you organise and separate different items in your drawers. They can be adapted to size so will fit any drawer to help you create a sense of order out of chaos.

- by Matt Watts