Onze House: Cadaval Estudio’s Coastal Masterpiece in Spain

Cadaval Estudio‘s recently completed Onze House in Spain showcases a masterful design that seamlessly integrates the project with its stunning coastal setting. This 2023 house, strategically positioned to frame the breathtaking Mediterranean views, employs a unique diagonal layout and a play of volumes to create a sequence of indoor and outdoor spaces that allow the inhabitant to feel immersed in the surrounding landscape while enjoying the comfort of a custom-built shelter.

Modern Mediterranean-style villa with sleek exterior, lush landscaping, and inviting pool.
Spacious, airy room with large glass doors offering panoramic views of a coastal scene.
Large stone archway frames a lush, landscaped outdoor patio with a woven rattan chair.
Spacious open-plan living area with large sliding glass doors, stone walls, and modern furnishings.
A modern, minimalist residence with clean lines, large windows, and a manicured landscape.
Modern beige stone building with large windows and palm trees, surrounded by lush landscape.
Modern architectural complex with illuminated cuboid structures, lush landscaping, and scenic mountain backdrop.
A coastal town at sunset, with a marina, boats, and colorful architecture.

About Onze House

Cadaval Estudio, a renowned Spanish design studio, has crafted Onze House in 2023. Located along the captivating Mediterranean coastline, this remarkable residence seamlessly integrates with its surroundings.

Harnessing the Topography

Onze House responds meticulously to the site’s unique topographic and morphological conditions. Situated on a narrow, elongated plot, the project cleverly unfolds itself like a fan, multiplying the facade and maximizing the breathtaking sea views.

Articulating Volumes and Shadows

Embracing the site’s sloping terrain, the design features three distinct volumes that adapt to the landscape. This strategic arrangement creates a dynamic play of volumes and shadows, allowing the building to appear as a succession of autonomous bodies resting on the steeply sloping terrain.

Balancing Privacy and Openness

A continuous, opaque wall runs along the two sides of the property, ensuring privacy and structuring the internal spaces in a comb-like pattern. In contrast, the front facade opens up to the sea, framing the breathtaking views and generating a double-skin system that provides shaded exterior spaces in seamless connection with the interior.

Materiality and Texture

The house’s envelope is crafted from the local “mares” stone, imbuing it with a solid, thick, and geometric aesthetic. This material choice not only adds thermal inertia but also celebrates the region’s architectural heritage. The pavement, with a similar tone, unifies the construction, while the surrounding vegetation blends the boundaries of the platforms, creating a harmonious dialogue between the built form and the natural landscape.


Onze House is a remarkable example of architecture that embraces its natural context. By skillfully navigating the site’s topography and creating a dynamic interplay of volumes and shadows, Cadaval Estudio has crafted a unique and captivating residence that truly embodies the spirit of its Mediterranean setting.

Photography by Sandra Pereznieto
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- by Matt Watts