SP110: Piero Lissoni’s Minimalist Interiors for Yacht Luxury

Unveiled in 2022, the SP110 yacht represents Sanlorenzo’s innovative approach to sustainable and high-performance design. Crafted through a collaboration between renowned designers, including Bernardo Zuccon, Tilli Antonelli, Marco Arnaboldi, and Piero Lissoni, this 33-meter vessel showcases a striking exterior silhouette and an exceptional interior layout tailored for luxurious yacht living.

Featuring cutting-edge technologies and an energy-efficient propulsion system, the SP110 redefines the standards of eco-conscious maritime design.

Sleek, modern interior with panoramic ocean views and plush seating arrangement.
Expansive living room with large windows, sleek wooden furnishings, and modern decor.
A modern, minimalist dining room with a striking red table and wire-frame chairs overlooking a scenic view.
Expansive modern living space with sleek furnishings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and scenic lakefront view.
A modern loft with sleek metal beams, glass skylight, and black leather chairs.
Sleek, modern loft with leather chair, minimalist furniture, and striking architectural features.
A modern, open-concept lounge with sleek furniture, patterned rugs, and large windows.
Minimalist bedroom design with wooden paneled ceiling, built-in shelving, and modern furnishings.
Modern bedroom with sleek wood paneling, recessed lighting, and minimalist decor.
The image showcases a modern kitchen with sleek cabinetry, a minimalist design, and a cozy bedroom visible through an open doorway.
Sleek, modern yacht with a striking, angular exterior design and spacious interiors.
Modern sleek yacht with unique angular design and spacious deck overlooking the ocean.
Luxury yacht with sleek profile, expansive deck, and comfortable lounge areas.

About SP110

Pushing the Boundaries of Yacht Design

The SP110 is a groundbreaking project that showcases Sanlorenzo’s commitment to innovation. Designed in 2022, this 33-meter (108-foot) yacht represents a remarkable collaboration between renowned industry experts. Exterior designer Bernardo Zuccon, product developer Tilli Antonelli, hull designer Marco Arnaboldi, and interior architect Piero Lissoni have come together to create a truly exceptional vessel.

Unparalleled Performance and Efficiency

At the heart of the SP110 is a revolutionary fractional propulsion system featuring three engines. This innovative setup ensures high performance with remarkable energy efficiency, offering great flexibility and reduced fuel consumption. Moreover, the optimized hull design by Marco Arnaboldi, tailored for hydrojet propulsion, maximizes the yacht’s performance and stability, even in rough seas.

Sustainable Design Approach

Sustainability is a key focus for the SP110. The yacht is equipped with a state-of-the-art energy recovery system, including high-efficiency 6kW monocrystalline solar panels and a lithium battery package. This allows the vessel to maintain its onboard functions for hours without the need for generators, reducing its environmental impact.

Unparalleled Livability and Versatility

The SP110’s interior and exterior spaces have been meticulously designed to enhance the overall livability and versatility of the yacht. Piero Lissoni’s elegant minimalist approach to the furnishings complements the vessel’s innovative design philosophy. From the expansive cockpit to the generous cabin spaces, every detail has been carefully considered to provide an unparalleled experience for owners and guests.

A Visionary Yacht for the Future

The SP110 represents Sanlorenzo’s vision for the future of yacht design. By seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology, sustainable principles, and exceptional livability, this vessel sets a new benchmark in the industry. With its striking appearance and uncompromising performance, the SP110 is poised to redefine the way we think about luxury yachting.

Photography by Erik Levfander
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- by Matt Watts